Fox News' Jeanine Pirro blames “green energy” for the Maui fire devastation

Pirro: “It's not about global warming and it's not about climate change”

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Citation From the August 29, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five 

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Immediately, it's almost as if any issue, if you don't want to deal with accountability, you just say "climate change."

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST):  Yeah. Well, I think I've said this before. In the winter, it's all about COVID. In the summer, it's all about climate change. Okay? And we just need to put more money into it. I heard today, the president's going to ask for more money for COVID. I mean, so here we go again. 

But look. If what Maisie -- Horono -- if what Maisie Senator Horono says is true -- $300 billion to fight climate change -- how come this kind of thing is happening?

Alright, the Inflation Reduction Act was all about a giveaway to the green energy companies. In the end, it's not about global warming and it's not about climate change. It's about negligence. Pure and simple. It's about ineptitude. It's about an area that didn't keep up with what was going on because they were trying to get to the green energy next step.

And so, they were too busy working on green energy. They ignored the obligation of the current situation. They didn't fill the water reservoir, okay? They didn't turn off the power lines when they got a warning that there would be high winds coming. And they failed to follow protocol to shut down the live power lines. 

And so what we've got now is the power lines are igniting dry grass and bush and people died as a result of it. And they didn't even send off the sirens. The guy said he was worried people that would run toward the fires if they turned the sirens off.

It's about an excuse. We live in a world that's all about excuses, that is blocked in terms of ideology. It's all tribalism. You're on this side, or you're on this side. Facts are irrelevant.