Fox contributor Jason Chaffetz: Kamala Harris will go after Donald Trump “sometimes in a nasty way, in nasty tones”

Fox anchor Julie Banderas: “You don't hear 'nasty' as an adjective used to insult a man”

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Citation From the August 12, 2020, edition of Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime

JULIE BANDERAS (GUEST ANCHOR): The Biden campaign and the women's group said that they were ready for those types of attacks, and they're launching an effort to aggressively fight back by lining up surrogates, apparently, to defend Harris. The question, though, is this, and Jason [Nichols] raises a good point. After the Me Too movement, and just the respect of women, is this the right time to be calling women names? Can they come up with something else, other than “nasty”? You know, will the Biden-Harris team be able to successfully fend off these attacks, or could they start to stick?

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, the president was responding to a question. And I think if you do go back and roll the tape, and watch how Senator Harris treated Justice Kavanaugh, I think it was abhorrent. I think she was nasty, in the way she did it. I think it's also a proactive move on President Trump's point, because I think part of the reason that Joe Biden selected Senator Harris is that she is going to be the viper that's going to try to take down Donald Trump by making the argument — in sometimes in a nasty way, in nasty tones — and you know, we'll will see how it plays out. But she isn't just going to sit back and say, “Yeah, everything's so nice and let's just — we're the nice people over here.” I think it's going to get a bit nasty.

BANDERAS: I think that the word “nasty” just tends to have a, I don't know, negative effect when it's being called to a woman. You don't hear “nasty” as an adjective used to insult a man. You call him “brazen,” you call him “tough,” and you call him other words I can't say on TV. But nonetheless, the word “nasty” just — I don't know, it's a sensitive word for women.