“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander suggests he was personally involved with fake electors scheme in 2020

Alexander: “We essentially, some of us, engaged in setting up alternate slate of electors”

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Citation From the July 5, 2022, edition of The World According to Ben Stein uploaded to Rumble

ALI ALEXANDER (“STOP THE STEAL" ORGANIZER): It looks like Merrick Garland took that criticism to heart that he wasn't doing enough and it looks like around November, there's going to be a bunch of surprise arrests. We already see this in Michigan, where the FBI has subpoenaed the records of the GOP alternate electors in Michigan, and they've arrested their gubernatorial candidate, the leading gubernatorial candidate there on the GOP side. What my sources are telling me, and based off some of my unique knowledge, they're planning the same for Arizona and Georgia. And all it basically says is that that that -- we essentially, some of us, engaged in setting up alternate slate of electors, perfectly legal, normative, political speech and activity, and they want to investigate whether that was illegal by submitting false government -- false papers to a federal agency, the National Archives. Separately, they're investigating the finance, and what they want to do is find out anyone who paid for any of my stuff or Trump's stuff. And if they find a criminal conspiracy later, then to also charge the donors. I mean, these people are in hunt of a crime that does not exist and strips away our 1st Amendment rights. So, like Adam pointed out, I haven't been able to be active. This is the first election in 15 years that I haven't been able to participate in professionally or as an activist.