Steve Bannon praises Alex Jones after playing a video of the Infowars host applauding Tucker Carlson's January 6 revisionism

Bannon plays video of Jones talking about under what circumstances talk to the January 6 committee

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Citation From the November 23, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic


ALEX JONES: It was a deep state operation that almost triggered an extremely violent event at the Capitol. The terrible events of that day, as bad as they were, were microscopic compared to what the deep state was actually planning. And that's why they're fighting so hard to run this fake committee, this kangaroo court. That's why they are making so much noise about the general public being terrorists, the American people not being trustworthy and moms at PTA meetings being the number one terror threat is because they know if the truth about January 6 comes out – which is coming out thanks to Tucker Carlson and others – their entire deep state is going down because just like Russiagate, January 6 was their operation.



JONES: The January 6 witch hunt committee makes Joe McCarthy blush from his grave. It is a complete and absolute fishing expedition trying to demonize populist Americans that want our country to be sovereign and want to put our nation first. It is 21st-century mass persecution. Now, as you've probably seen on the news, it was the top story yesterday, not the man that ran over 40-plus people, killing five because they were white in Wisconsin. No, ladies and gentlemen, the story was Alex Jones and Roger Stone subpoenaed by the January 6th committee. Here's the problem with that. They will claim I lie about something to the committee, which isn't even true. I wouldn't lie. And then they will have the FBI and the Justice Department indict me for lying to Congress. I'm not stupid. So they've been asking why other people aren't declaring the fifth. I'm probably going to declare the fifth, not because I've done anything wrong, but because these people are political criminals that have an axe to grind and have been bragging everywhere they want to put me in prison. OK? I'm forty-seven years old, don't have any felonies, any of those issues. I'm a good person, a family man, and I don't intend on spending the rest of my life in prison. No, sir. Don't want to have that happen. And so, I don't want to testify before them because they will lie and say that I lied.

Here's the other problem, though. I want a January 6 investigation. I want to know why the National Guard were refused to President Trump when he asked for them on record and then later the head of the National Guard in D.C. lied and said that Trump hadn't asked whether he couldn't supply them. And just last week admitted that Trump indeed did ask for them and was refused. I don't know why half the Capitol Police were sent for quote “traffic control” by D.C. the controls on that day, the Capitol had half the police they had. I don't know who ordered the stand-down of the police and let the people in the building. I want to know about the FBI-infiltrating groups and the federal documents that have come out that indeed they did have informants inside and they brought the same FBI agent from Michigan who set up the false flag against Gov. Whitmer to run the operations on January 6. I want a real investigation, but this isn't a real investigation. They have a few handpicked Republicans like Liz Cheney and others that are horrible neocons, and they are basically setting up a show trial here.


I really do want to testify to Congress. And so if they let me testify live in front of the cameras or depose me on C-SPAN, I will probably do it. That way they can't twist what I said later. But I've seen what they've done to other people, and there's no way I'm going to go behind closed doors with Schiff and all these other crazy people and Swallows-well, the Chinese agent, and let them sit there and claim that I've done something wrong or claim that I lied to Congress. I want an investigation of them. The evidence is overwhelming that the deep state that controls them and ran the fake Russiagate operation also provocateured January 6. I want to know why the groups I was working with – with Ali Alexander on record had the permit on the edge of the Capitol by the Supreme Court, where Trump thought he was going, where I told the crowds, “Don't go in the building. Go over here. Let's be peaceful.”

They know all this and they can't stand it, ladies and gentlemen. So this country's in an emergency. They never want us to have a real election in 11 months. They want to set up this tyranny. They want to brand their opposition as terrorists. They want to have a political purge and it's wrong. So I want a real January 6 investigation that's bipartisan, and I would be happy to testify before that under oath. But I'm not a fool, I'm not an idiot, and I'm not about to be set up by the political globalist criminals in Congress, the Democrats, that have sold this nation off to China. This whole thing is about distracting from Biden, the stolen election, the gas prices that have doubled, the incredible inflation, the borders collapsing, the pedophile rings running around all over the country, and this whole new world order agenda selling our country out. You people are traitors. You signed on to the wrong team. America is awake to you. So good luck trying to put the patriot leadership in prison. We're going to peacefully have a velvet revolution in this country of ideology and of culture. And we're already winning and your new world order is destined to fail. Your great reset is nothing but the establishment trying to take over and trying to suppress the people. 


STEPHEN K. BANNON (HOST): We wanted to play that. That is the Alex Jones, because all the headlines all around – Alex Jones is going to take the fifth, Alex Jones is going to take the fifth. I think you got to hear Alex Jones's analysis, right? And that was it right there in its entirety. I think it's over five minutes long. We wanted to play that so you could hear it with your own ears. We're going to put it up on the – all the platforms have – put it up on Gettr, right? So people can – so people can listen to it. Hear what he has to say.

The headline in the runaround – the left's running around, “Oh Alex Jones said he's going to take the fifth.” Well, he didn't really say that. You, but you got to hear it with your own ears and think about it. Think about what he just laid out there. The Alex Jones. By the way, one of the smartest guys around on the topic of transhumanism, Alex Jones has been on this for a while. Very, very, very smart. We're going to be doing a lot more about transhumanism this week and particularly this weekend with our own Joe Allen and others.

But Alex Jones has – just gave a great interview the other day to – and really went through transhumanism. So, when you hear that Alex Jones is taking the fifth or people are tweeting that out or you see it somewhere, make sure you take time. Listen to all five minutes and 30 seconds and then give it to your friends and let them hear what Alex Jones has got to say about his logic.