Peter Navarro calls Biden's election a coup d'etat and says he and Steve Bannon were at the vanguard of trying to overturn it

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Citation From the March 28, 2022, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Let's be blunt, we're trying to have regime change [in Russia]. In fact, that's kind of the reason we said this morning and he said that – not walking it back because that's what he really meant.

PETER NAVARRO: Don't use the "we" there, Steve. Don't use the "we" there. Be careful there. It's like – that government, that regime. That's where – there was regime change on November 3rd. That was a regime change. That was a coup d'etat, a stolen election. And now we have one regime in Washington, D.C., trying to take out another regime in Moscow. You and I have – not only had no part about that, we were at the vanguard of trying to stop that regime change here in Washington, D.C. and all we get is –