OAN host and Julie Kelly push conspiracy theory that the FBI fabricated pipe bombs at RNC and DNC headquarters the night before January 6th

American Greatness' Julie Kelly: FBI may have “helped make up this pipe bomb hoax” because it is " an enforcement arm, a surveillance arm of the Democratic Party"

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Citation From the February 16, 2022, edition of OAN's Tipping Point with Kara McKinney

KARA MCKINNEY (ONE AMERICA NEWS HOST): Remember the January 6th pipe bombs? You'd be forgiven if you didn't, because nobody is talking about them anymore. The silence is one of a growing number of reasons that many are starting to regard them as just another FBI hoax.

A quick refresher though: on January 6 of 2021 at about a quarter to noon, one pipe bomb was found outside the Republican National Committee headquarters by a pedestrian named Carla Younger at almost the exact moment that the mysterious Ray Epps was urging people to begin storming the Capitol. Another suspected pipe bomb was found shortly thereafter by Capitol Police, this time at the Democrats' national committee headquarters despite the fact that the Secret Service had done a sweep of the area due to the presence of Kamala Harris. Then little more than an hour after the first suspected pipe bomb was spotted, The New York Times broke the story and it went viral. Their source? Quote, "a top Democrat briefed on the matter who is not authorized to speak about it." End quote.

Even then, skeptics found the down-to-the-minute timing of it all a little suspicious. Suspicions were only increased when it came out that Carla Younger, the woman who happened to be walking past the RNC headquarters and happened to notice a suspicious package wedged between a dumpster and fence, worked for Firstnet Authority, an emergency communications firm whose client list includes several government agencies. Just a few weeks before, January 6,  Firstnet signed a $92 million contract with, you guessed it, the FBI. Throw on the non-arrest of Ray Epps while plenty of other January 6 protestors who didn't enter the Capitol was arrested, and the fact that nobody has been arrested for the pipe bombs, and we have the makings of yet another hoax perpetrated by the FBI. So joining us now to discuss all of this, which is outlined in her new article at American greatness, is columnist Julie Kelly. Thanks for being here tonight, Julie.

JULIE KELLY (COLUMNIST, AMERICAN GREATNESS): Thanks Kara. You know, I write all of this but hearing you actually piece it together verbally, it sounds even more outlandish than the columns that I write about it.

MCKINNEY: Oh, your articles whenever I read them are just bombshell, after bombshell, after bombshell. I mean, your journalism here has been really – it's been so incredible and so amazing and you really are leading the pack on this one. And so when you were going through some of this research here, do you think Carla's intel background it's just a coincidence, or do you think it figures, perhaps, into the larger story?

KELLY:  Well, look it's very suspicious. I don't want to falsely cast aspersions at Carla Younger--- although she did do several media interviews about this and won some award in her hometown in Madison, Wisconsin, what a hero she was, so it's not like she's been an anonymous contributor to all of this. But, it's highly suspicious given her association with this firm, FirstNet, which has several DOJ agencies involved, and then, as you said and as I reported, a $92 million dollar agreement signed with the FBI just a few weeks from January 6th.

But we don't really know exactly how Carla Younger saw it, why she was walking, really, past this alley right at the same time that Ray Epps whispered in the ear of Ryan Samsel and he breached the first official line of police officers outside the Capitol building. So, the timing is suspicious. Her participation and association is suspicious. But even more so, as you pointed out, is the fact that now, more than 13 months later, no one has been identified or charged with this pipe bomb and then we found out Kamala Harris was at the DNC while this pipe bomb allegedly was sitting outside this building. Very, very suspicious angles to all of this story.

MCKINNEY: It is, because as we were just showing on screen earlier, this surveillance of the alleged person, we don't know exactly pretty much any more than that of who this person is, who allegedly was placing these pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters the night of January 5th before they were then found the next day. And, it is really strange that we don't hear much more about it but you'll see some poor granny who wasn't even inside the Capitol, and her name, or her face, l should say, and surveillance pictures of her will be blown up everywhere. The FBI will hound and hound and hound until they'll track down this woman, but then on the surveillance, you know, images it just seemed they kind of disappeared into, basically, the ether. And one of the FBI's guys who was supposed to say he's promising to really go after this case, I believe Steven D'Antuono-- I'm not exactly sure how to say his last name--- he got moved from the Detroit field office which oversaw the Whitmer kidnapping plot, which has its own parallels to January 6th, then he gets brought over to the DC for this, for January 6ht, how does he figure into this story as well?

KELLY: Well, to your point Steven D'Antuono was the head of the Detroit FBI field office. This is the FBI field office that deployed at least a dozen informants and undercover agents into the Whitmer kidnapping plot that was, of course, announced in October 2020 to create all these bad headlines for Donald Trump, that right-wing militiaman tied to Donald Trump tried to kidnap and possibly kill one of the most outspoken political foes, Gretchen Whitmer. Well, it turns out as the court filings are filed before the trial starts actually on March 8th, the defense counsels made a very strong case of FBI entrapment. The top three FBI agents had been removed from the case amidst scandal and criminal behavior. Ditto for the top FBI informant. This is the operation that Steven D'Antuono was in charge of. He was moved to the DC office in the middle of October right about a week after the Whitmer arrests were announced. So he would have been head of the DC FBI field office that would have deployed informants and undercover agents, as we know that there were in the Capitol on January 6th, and then, responsible for this investigation into the pipe bombers.

So, how can you track down alleged kidnappers in Michigan, western Michigan, but you can't locate a pipe bomber? They posted that grainy video that you're talking about, that's not proof that that individual had anything to do with setting the alleged pipe bombs. We have no report from the FBI. They said all these FBI, all these ATF, all these agencies were investigating but we have no report on it. This is starting to sound like the mysterious DNC email server that the FBI said they had and that they were performing all kinds of forensics on. It turns out they never had it. So you know Kara, because you've covered this, you've talked about this for years, The FBI is not trustworthy. It is wholly an enforcement arm, a surveillance arm of the Democratic Party. So not only to suspect they helped make up this pipe bomb hoax but also played an instrumental role on what happened on January 6th, it doesn't defy reality to think that this agency was deeply involved in creating all of these narratives about January 6th.

MCKINNEY: I mean that is what the Russia hoax with President Trump really put into black and white, very starkly for us; that they will lie to our face and they will continually lie to our face if it serves their ends, and so that's why we do have to ask these questions. I want to go back to something you mentioned earlier because it is quite interesting: Kamala Harris and her whereabouts that day on January 6th. We hear that she was at the Capitol, we hear that she was at the Democrat National Headquarters. where exactly was she during this time?

KELLY: It appears she was at the DNC headquarters which is odd because she had been at the Capitol that morning, she said, for a Senate intelligence briefing. She left around 11, 11:30, arrived at DNC headquarters, which is only a few blocks from the Capitol. But for over a year, she's been extremely vague about her whereabouts. Furthermore Kara, this Justice Department has lied repeatedly in court filings to a grand jury, to federal judges, to even defendants claiming that Kamala Harris was in the Capitol rendering the building a restricted area because she was under the protection of the Secret Service. That turns out not to be true. So the DOJ is still making this -- it's not a mistake, it's a falsehood with some sort of agenda behind it. I'm not sure what it is, but they have lied to, as I've said, federal judges and to a grand jury about this and now we find out that Kamala Harris was at the DNC – this was by Politico, by the way, reported this – the same time a pipe bomb was sitting outside? The Secret Service didn't notice it? There is a lot of just unanswered questions here, not just related to the DOJ mischaracterizing her whereabouts that day, using it for the basis for thousands of misdemeanor charges, by the way -- but also, did the Secret Service miss this pipe bomb, or did this pipe bomb never exist? Those are really relevant questions, because Kara, as you know, January 6th narrative is just filled with lies. It's just a tissue of lies and falsehoods and cover-ups, and, so, this just seems to be the latest falsehood, and we need to get to the bottom to get some answers.