Newsmax guest says troops being deployed in DC is “the early stages of the establishment of a fascist state in America”

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Citation From the January 15, 2021, edition of Newsmax's National Report

SHAUN KRAISMAN (ANCHOR): I want to ask you about what we've seen. Logan Ratik's report on regards to the security that we're seeing in DC. Let's get past the point of safety is top concern. We all get that. But there are more troops in DC right now than in war-torn countries. 20,000 plus there amidst all the barricades and other things you've seen. What do you make of that?

DAVID HOROWITZ (GUEST): Well, look, where were those troops last summer when there were 633 violent attacks, arsons, killings, in 220 American cities. And Democrats were cheering on the rioters and bailing them out of jail. We are in the early stages of the establishment of a fascist state in America. People are sort of intimidated from saying that.

But we had an election, so-called, where there were 1.4 million questionable votes that were questionable legally. There were illegal votes. And Biden won -- and this is in the battleground states -- and Biden won those states by a total of 158,000 votes. Yet if you suggest that this might be a rigged election, and you're a United States senator like Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz, the Democrats want to remove you from Congress, put you on no-fly lists. We're in a situation where the Democratic Party - which has been doing this for decades - is intent on suppressing the free speech of anybody who opposes them, you know, under the guise of the accusation that everything that Republicans say that Democrats find uncomfortable has to be a lie. And we need to ban lies, we need to ban them from Twitter, from Facebook.

We have a situation -- they just had this illegal impeachment of the president. I just saw Alan Dershowitz on your show point out that there were six violations of the Constitution in this ridiculous vote. Nancy Pelosi has done more to destroy the constitutional framework of this country than any politician in the history of the country. And there, Adam Schiff, he's another one.