Alex Jones says he paid for Roger Stone’s transportation to Washington, D.C., prior to January 6 insurrection

Jones also claims he wanted to pay for Stone's security in D.C., which was ultimately provided by the Oath Keepers

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Citation From the March 24, 2021, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show 

ALEX JONES (HOST): And here’s why we got to have security, on top of it. They attack you, and then they lie and call the police. So you’ve always got to have a professional retired law enforcement witness just to deal with the cops when the left attacks you and then calls the police. That’s how diabolical they are.

ROGER STONE: That’s exactly right. Look, I had always used two off-duty D.C. police officers and a retired officer from Prince George’s County who provided professional security for me and my family during the many hearings I had prior to my trial in which I was ordered by the court to be present and during my trial itself. They were unavailable on January 5 and 6. Like many of the speakers on the events of those days, I was provided voluntary security by the Oath Keepers. No, I didn’t know any of them on an intimate basis. My interactions with them were entirely professional, efficient, they were very polite, and they helped protect me because I could not move in any direction without security.

JONES: Well, stay there, we got to talk about this, but we’re going to break. But I twisted your arm to go, I even gave you a little bit of money, because I know you’re broke, to be even able to get -- fly up there. And I remember you saying, “I have no money for security, are you going to handle it?” And I said, “Yeah, get with me.” But you never ended up getting with me, because the town was so mobbed, you couldn’t even find me, and so Oath Keepers helped you out.