IA Radio Host On Refugee Resettlement: UN Sending Muslim Refugees To America Is “An Act Of Jihad”

From the February 24 edition of iHeartMedia's Mickelson in the Morning: 

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JAN MICKELSON (host): How many people have been resettled here? Or, just a generic idea, give us an overview of what this has been doing in the past and what it is likely to do in the future.

JESSICA VAUGHAN (guest, Center for Immigration Studies): Well in recent years, it has been around 70,000 refugees admitted from overseas each year. Although the administration has the ability to change that and bring in essentially as many as they like in consultation with the United Nations, most of the people who come here as refugees are selected by the United Nations and we go along with that and process them. And then a network of private, non-profit organizations, contractors really, take responsibility for deciding where these refugees are going to be settled in the United States. But this is a process that is, really, there is little oversight over it, it is something that is determined by the executive branch in conjunction with the United Nations on who gets to come.

MICKELSON: And I noticed that who gets left out of this process are the people who are hired to represent us and that's the members of the Congress.

VAUGHAN: That's exactly right, they are supposed to consult with Congress about the refugee inflow, but certainly in recent years, there is not been a great amount of consultation going on between the executive branch and Congress. This administration has a tendency to pretty much do what they want to do, rather than subject themselves to second guessing by another branch of government.

MICKELSON: More than just do what they want to do outside the checks and balances of the government, it's the motivations for what they do, is I think is problematic giving the ideological and religious propensities of this president. It is ISIS and other Islamist organizations have been threatening Europe in the last several days saying, “Hey, knock it off or we are going to flood you with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees and we are in essence going to invade your country as an act of jihad.” This might sound a little radical, Jessica, but I'm thinking an organization like the United Nations and the refugee committee, which is made up mostly of countries that are hostile to the United States, has the same criteria. Sending Islamist and Muslim refugees to this country, I think, as an act of jihad. It makes no cultural sense to do it whatsoever and I am worried about it for cultural reasons and as the congressman suggested, importing people who have a world view hostile to the United States, even if it's for short-term humanitarian purposes might be short-term thinking at its worst. What do you think?


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