IA Radio Host Mickelson's Months-Long Effort To Keep “Islamic Cultures” Out Of America

Iowa based radio host Jan Mickelson has spent several months attacking Islam and Syrian refugees, claiming they are not culturally compatible with “Christian-based, Western-based, Democratic-based cultures” and repeatedly arguing they cannot be assimilated into Western society. To back his assertions, Mickelson highlights anti-Islamic extremists, such as Nicholas Sennels, who has claimed Muslims are incompatible with Western society due to “inbreeding” and has suggested that the West stop allowing Muslims to enter until they can prove they are able to be integrated into society.

Mickelson Claims Muslims Are A Cultural Threat To The US And Have Failed To Integrate In Europe

Mickelson: “Islamic Cultures” And Western-Based Cultures “Do Not Mix Well.” On his November 2 show, Mickelson claimed “Islamic cultures” do not mix well with “Christian-based, western-based, democratic-based” cultures “because Islam is not multicultural.” He also stated that Muslims' notion of freedom is “imposing Sharia law.”

JAN MICKELSON: We're told from the moment where we go to a government school that we're a nation of immigrants, which is true. We have always been the beacon on the hill, the lamp on the hill, a picture of freedom, and we want all the oppressed people to have the same freedoms that we wish to have and to maintain. And all of those things are true. But some of these notions are self-refuting if you have a class of individuals whose notion of freedom is imposing Sharia law on their majoritarian culture once they achieve a population basis of critical mass.

It's like the old cliche, one man, one vote, one time. Democracy, rule of law, doesn't mean anything to people who are dominated by a world view, a political religion that is a power based, power grabbing culture that they're not brought up to value any of the things that we stand for. We haven't changed, our philosophy is fine as long as people who want to come here be Americanized and accept our founding creed that the government is here to help protect our life, liberty, and property, not to impose Sharia law on everybody under their thumb. We understand threats to our freedom and this is a self-refuting notion.

SEN. JASON SHULTZ (R-IA): It is, and I agree with everything you say. And the points that we talked about two months ago while I sat on the same field in my Hill, the very first time I called in on this subject -- these are people who will not assimilate, they are ordered to dominate by their religion, and they follow a law that they will not subordinate to ours. I mean nothing's changed.

MICKELSON: This is not, I would anticipate some of the people responding to the rhetoric they're hearing right now, this is not a generic xenophobic response, this is not a fear of generic foreigners. This is a self-aware evaluation of, of cultures, Islamic cultures and Christian-based, Western-based, Democratic-based cultures, do not mix well.

SEN. SHULTZ: Not at all.

MICKELSON: And we have countries all over Europe that can testify that this doesn't work the way the multicultural doctrine implies that it will. It can't. Because the Islam is not multicultural. [Mickelson in the Morning, 11/2/15]

Mickelson Says Muslim Refugees Have “No Cultural Fit” In United States. On his September 9 show, Mickelson said it was “stupid and self-destructive” for the United States to accept any Syrian refugees because there is “no cultural fit” in the “legacy of Christian nations.” He then said the refugees were from “hostile cultures.”

CALLER: Good Morning. You know with the influx of all the Muslims into Europe, and if you follow the biblical aspect of the rise of the anti-Christ, this all sets the stage. Because when you put five hundred or more thousand or more people into one country, that makes great for a revolution and to take over those countries.

JAN MICKELSON: Well it's actually just really stupid and self-destructive for them to do that, especially since there's no cultural fit. If there was any sense to this it would be Islamic countries that would be embracing all these refugees of Islam. Why is it secular nations, or the legacy of Christian nations, that are expected to use Christian virtues and visit those upon hostile cultures? Makes no sense. [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/9/15]

Mickelson: Minnesota's Governor Is Force Feeding “Islamic Culture” To The Populace. In a lengthy critique of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D), Mickelson accuseed him of force feeding “Islamic culture” to the populace of Minnesota, after Dayton recommended the United States accept Syrian refugees. Mickelson continued, “What we're trying to do in the Midwest, in Minnesota, in Iowa, is just stupid.”

JAN MICKELSON: He says there is simply no research in Europe that supports the optimists' point of view. Now, what's the optimists' point of view? That Islamic culture can be successfully integrated in Western culture in Europe, like the Governor of Minnesota thinks can be done in Minnesota. That everybody will live happily ever after as the Somalis and the Syrians, the Eritrians, and whatever Islamic culture they force feed to the rest of the populace. They will be productive, taxpaying, lawful, law abiding, Minnesotans in a very short order.

The researcher said, “There is zero evidence of that happening in Europe.” Zero. There's no research in Europe that supports that view. On the contrary, all the research that we have on integration of Muslims in Western societies shows that we are continuing to head in the wrong direction. So I don't know how these optimists come to their conclusion. Maybe it's a vain and childish hope that everything will turn out just fine. Just like in fairy tales. Or maybe its a pseudo-Darwinistic idea that everything will develop in a positive direction. One thing is for sure, they do not base their judgments on the facts."

Wow. Can we not learn from the Danes that we're, what we're trying to do in the Midwest, in Minnesota, in Iowa, is just stupid. [Mickelson in the Morning, 10/19/15]

Mickelson Says “Muslim Nations” Should Be The Ones Responsible For Accepting Refugees. In a discussion with a caller on the September 9 show, Mickelson suggested the United States should “encourage all the Muslim nations in that part of the world” to “welcome your Muslim brothers and sisters.” He then says many of the Muslim refugees are “trying to get out from under the thumb of Islam” and questions refugee motivations for converting to Christianity in Germany.

JAN MICKELSON: Why is Europe expected to absorb the, a horde of Islamic refugees? Why? Why is the United States expected to absorb a horde of Muslim refugees? Why shouldn't the United States encourage all of the Muslim nations in that part of the world, “Hey, look what you guys are doing. You folks should be actually invoking your own Muslim ethics to welcome and embrace your Muslim brothers and sisters.” [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/9/15]

Mickelson Promotes Claim That Syrian Refugees Are Entitled And “Difficult.” During his September 14 show, Mickelson claimed Syrians are entitled, stating, “almost every international observer has said Syrian refugees in general are the most difficult group of refugees.”

CALLER: I just wonder are the refugees going to abide by our laws? Are they going to get jobs and pay taxes here? Are they going to get insurance on their cars and so on and so forth? If not, I say no. Because we've got enough issues already with people that don't follow those rules and it's just, you know, when our forefathers came over here through Ellis Island they had to pay their dues and do it the correct way. And I don't think sometimes the refugees appreciate what we do for them, they could give a hoot less about this other stuff.

JAN MICKELSON: There is an article that I talked about last week on that very point, and almost every international observer has said Syrian refugees in general are the most difficult group of refugees, all - many of them - have a sense of entitlement, they make demands on everybody who's there to help them. They are not like some of the others that have a sense of gratitude, they have a sense of entitlement. And some of the European nations are already having second thoughts about that. [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/14/15]

Mickelson: We Should Prioritize Christian Refugees Over Muslims. During the September 23 show, Mickelson suggested Christians in the Middle East are “being persecuted the most” and said it “makes some sense” to accept Christian Syrians because they are “culturally compatible with our own.”

JAN MICKELSON: I have been systematically arguing against a quarter million Syrian Muslims being transported here, makes no cultural sense. I resist the idea the United States should be the dumping grounds for alleged refugees from all over the world. But, if any group of people who are being persecuted the most, it's Christians in the Middle East. And if we're going to be accepting anybody from the Middle East it ought to be somebody from groups that are culturally compatible with our own. And Christian Syrians or Chaldeans or whatever branch we're talking about. That makes some sense. So to what degree are Christians from that part of the world being expedited as part of President Obama's refugee embrace? [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/23/15]

Mickelson: Refugees Are Coming To Spread Islam. On September 10, a caller to Mickelson's show suggested the refugee crisis was part of a conspiracy to spread “Islam through the world.” Mickelson agreed, quoting the Hadith to substantiate his claims that “the unsettlement of Syria has given them the idea to export hundreds of thousands.”

CALLER: Good Morning, Jan. I'm really concerned that all of this is tied together. There's just too many things falling into place here from the last year that it appears to me that the effort is to spread Islam through the world.

JAN MICKELSON: Absolutely!

CALLER: I mean, everything that has happened over the last three years with Obama and that administration has set this up to spread Islam through the world.

MICKELSON: This is from the Hadith, that's the commentary on the Quran: “I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with -- to assemble, to listen, to obey, and to immigrate, to wage jihad for the sake of Allah.” It has to do with the, their Hijrah, sending their people into non-Islamic countries, into the citadels of the infidel - that would be you and me, Dan - and to basically take over just though sheer numbers and immigration. And the unsettlement of Syria has given that movement the carte blanche to export hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Muslims to European nation and we have the political class in this country wanting to us to open up our back doors for exactly the same thing and now they're just negotiating how many. [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/10/15]

Mickelson Calls American Muslims “Newbies” That Do Not Share Views With “People Who Own The Place.” During his September 23 show, Mickelson played audio from a school board meeting in which Muslim parents protested the school's decision not to give students the day off to celebrate Eid. He connects the Islamic community at the school board to the refugee influx, stating “the newbies start to assert their world view.”

JAN MICKELSON: I don't know whether or not it's within the school board's best interest to grant another holiday, but the Islamic community demanded one and when they were refused they did not take it kindly. And the threat was extremely interesting. “You are no longer the majority and soon we will be the majority.” That is not an empty threat. That's the way the world works. And if you want to borrow from a cheesy phrase, that's what democracy looks like.

When you intentionally invite a flood of people who do not share the world view, history, or cultural assumptions of the people who own the place, the newbies start to assert their world view. And as soon as they reach a majority guess who gets voted out? Listen to the anger and the implied threat: “We will be the majority.” Ponder that and mix it with your multiculturalism, see what you come up with. [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/23/15]

Mickelson Promotes Debunked Claim That U.S. Will Take In 250,000 Refugees. On his September 9 show, Mickelson stated he has “been systematically arguing against a quarter million Syrian Muslims being transported here,” as part of a larger conversation about prioritizing Christian refugees. [Mickelson in the Morning, 9/9/15]

PolitiFact Rated 250,000 Refugee Figure “Pants On Fire” False. In an October 26 article, PolitiFact responded to claims made by Fox News host Sean Hannity that the U.S. plans to take in a quarter million Syrian refugees. PolitiFact rated the quarter million estimate “Pants on Fire” False. According to PolitiFact, the figure likely originated from a “hoax from a fake-news website.” PolitiFact says the actual number of Syrian refugees the Obama administration would like to accept is around 10,000. [PolitiFact, 10/26/15]

Mickelson Promotes Anti-Muslim Extremist Who Pushes Intolerance Toward Muslims

Mickelson: It's A “Reasonable Conclusion” That Western Countries Should “Stop Importing” Muslims. On his October 19 show, Mickelson read an excerpt from an interview with Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels' -- an anti-Muslim extremist -- and parroted Sennels' claim that Muslims cannot be integrated into Western society because their culture and values are fundamentally incompatible. He then suggested we listen to Sennels' suggestion “on the basis of experience” that Western countries should “stop importing people from Islamic countries until we figure out” how to integrate them.

MICKELSON: The psychological explanation is simple, and listen to this carefully [quoting Sennels], “Muslim and Western cultures are fundamentally very different. This means Muslims need to undergo very big changes in their identity and values to be able to accept the values of Western societies. Changing basic structures in one's personality is very demanding psychological and emotional process and few Muslims feel motivated to do so.” He says, “I've only known a few who managed, I also know it was long and exhausting struggle on an inner level for them. They often pay a huge personal price on the outer level because their Muslim friends and families despise and disown them for leaving their culture.” So he sees this, therefore, conclusion: “First, we need to stop all immigration of people from Muslim countries to Europe until we have a proven that integration of Muslims is possible.”


Is that not a fairly reasonable conclusion on the basis of experience? If that is ithe case, why oh why would we want to duplicate the multicultural travesty that's going on in Europe right now? [Europe News, 3/21/09; Mickelson in the Morning, 10/19/15]

Sennels Has Claimed “Massive Inbreeding” On The Part Of Muslims Has Caused Incompatiblity With Western Countries. Sennels has claimed Muslims have engaged in “massive inbreeding” during the past 1400 years, and “may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool.” Citing statistics which he claims backs up his point that inbreeding has caused an incompatiblity between the West and the “Muslim World,” he suggests as a solution a ban on first cousin marriages by European nations, which would help “the Muslim world” but also “would also lessen Muslim immigration to the West because many Muslim families would like to be able to continue their practice of intermarriage in order to live up to cultural and religious traditions and keep wealth and power inside their family.” [Europe News, 8/9/10]

Sennels On Quran: A “Criminal Book That Makes People Do Criminal Things.” In 2010, psychologist Nicolai Sennels wrote an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to keep Turkish immigrants out. A Washington Post article stated Sennels is “known for inflammatory views on Islam” and quoted his claim that the Quran is a “criminal book that makes people do criminal things,” as well as his continued insistence that Muslims have extremely high rates of inbreeding. [The Washington Post, 12/5/10]