IA Radio Host Jan Mickelson Criticizes “Magical Thinking” Of American Jews Who Want To “Import Muslim” Refugees To U.S.

Mickelson Also Criticizes “Catholic Hierarchy” And Lutheran Churches For Wanting To Help Syrians

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JAN MICKELSON: These issues are no longer hypothetical. The plan has been implemented - it's underway. Now they're negotiating not on whether or if Syrian refugees are brought to the United States, now they're negotiating about how many. This is Mark, good morning Mark.

CALLER: Hey Jan. Yeah, I'll make it quick. I just wonder, are the refugees going to abide by our laws? Are they going to get jobs and pay taxes here? Are they going to get insurance on their cars, so on and so forth? If not, I say no. Because we've got enough issues already with people that don't follow those rules. Our forefathers came over here through Ellis Island, you know, they had to pay their dues and do it the correct way. And I don't think sometimes the refugees appreciate what we do for them. They could give a hoot less about this other stuff.

MICKELSON: There is an article that I talked about last week on that very point and almost every international observer has said Syrian refugees, in general, are the most difficult group of refugees. They all -- many of them have a sense of entitlement. They make demands on everybody who's there to help them, they are, uh, not like some of the others that have a sense of gratitude. They have a sense of entitlement. And some of the European nations are already having second thoughts about that.

CALLER: Well, are these churches - which I'm glad we have our churches and stuff and these organizations that want to help these people - but is it going to be up to them to babysit them and make sure that they stay on the straight and narrow and help them along with our culture?

MICKELSON: It should be, but after they get their original federal funding, they loose these people on the rest of us and I'm still not exactly sure why people in the Catholic hierarchy think it's a good idea to import Muslims. I just don't understand that. Lutherans are doing the same thing. Some other -- and the most ironic, some Jewish organizations are doing this. I mean, they've been after the Jews for thousands of years and what is their thinking -- magical thinking or otherwise -- “let's import some Muslims here to United States, that could only make our lives better.” That's just bull hockey.


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