IA Radio Host Jan Mickelson Calls Carly Fiorina's Debunked Planned Parenthood Attack A “Touchdown”

Mickelson And Fiorina Agree: “Some People Ought To Be Going To Jail.”

From the Sept. 25 edition of iHeartRadio's Mickelson in the Morning:

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JAN MICKELSON: Those of you who are sports fans, you watch every move, you watch every play, when your team does well your hands go into the air after a successful pass or a touchdown pass your hands go into the air and you celebrate along with the team. Well, Carly Fiorina is on our newsmaker line. Carly, you did something to me a few days ago that is equivalent of a sports junkie throwing his hands into the air at the completion of a touchdown pass. 

CARLY FIORINA: What's that Jan?

MICKELSON: When you devastated everybody in the room with your charge to our sense of decency over the Planned Parenthood issue. And when you just laid that out and challenged us at the core of our character, my hands involuntarily went into the air and I said, “Yes! Touchdown! In the end zone!”

FIORINA: Well you know, Jan, thank you. What's so fascinating, disturbing, pick your word, is the response of the liberal media has been to call me a liar. “Oh no the tape doesn't exist. No, no, this isn't going--” they can't say its not going on. They never deny that this is happening because they cannot deny its happening. So instead, what they do is say, “Well the tape doesn't really show that.” This is the same media that cannot bring themselves to say that Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi or her emails or her server, but I'm lying about what's going on in Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation.

MICKELSON: Well to the point where you actually issued a video of your own showing exactly what you were talking about -- the video exactly what you were talking about -- the fetus lying there on the table with its heart still beating and its legs still moving and the people are discussing the best way to take its brain out. 

FIORINA: That's exactly right. That is exactly right. 


MICKELSON: And then more than just defunding [Planned Parenthood], I think some people ought to be going to jail.

FIORINA: Well of course, of course. This is fundamental of the character of our nation.


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