Unlikely Source Raises Doubts About O'Keefe's NPR Sting

In the wake of James O'Keefe's undercover video sting on NPR fundraisers, Media Matters earlier this week asked this important question:

Why Would Anyone Trust What O'Keefe Says About His NPR Video?

We detailed O'Keefe's long history of misleading, right-wing video attacks where's he often used deceptive editing techniques in an effort to make his gotchas's stick.

Separately, Media Matters also pointed there was a rather glaring technical glitch in one section of the NPR tape, where the video froze for more than 30 seconds and the spoken phrase “NPR” is looped nonstop, making it impossible to hear what the people were actually saying.

Now, from a very unlikely media source, come more questions about the editing used in the NPR sting; questions that beg some answers from O'Keefe and his right-wing supporters.

And yes, it's Glenn Beck's site The Blaze that's suddenly making life uncomfortable for O'Keefe with this piece:

Does Raw Video of NPR Expose Reveal Questionable Editing & Tactics?

Reading the detailed item, as well as watching the clips The Blaze highlights that show key portions of conversation that were omitted from the first video release, it's clear The Blaze author believes the answer is yes, that O'Keefe is guilty of questionable editing and tactics.

Obviously, Media Matters has been very critical of the The Blaze in the past. Now, just because it turns its sights on O'Keefe does that suddenly mean it's automatically a trusted source? No. But David Weigel at Slate, among others, finds The Blaze's analysis convincing.

Writes Weigel [emphasis added]:

Glenn Beck's website The Blaze analyzes and partly debunks the NPR sting.

Go see for yourself. While you're reading, keep this question in mind: Why would anyone trust what O'Keefe says about his NPR video?