O'Keefe returns, whines incessantly

Recently minted criminal James O'Keefe, fresh off his humiliating guilty plea in New Orleans, returns today with more stellar journalism work at Andrew Breitbart's Big Government site. O'Keefe's latest undercover effort is supposed to be some important scoop about how he got a job as a U.S. Census Bureau worker in New Jersey and got paid for a few hours he didn't actually work. Or so O'Keefe claims. You can see his oh-so-important important blockbuster here.

But fair warning -- you're going to wade through an epic bout of whining from O'Keefe, who apparently has convinced himself he's an extraordinarily important person and that hugely powerful forces are aligned against him. In other words, the right-wing's trademark whining here is just insufferable.

But it's becoming increasingly clear that playing the victim is the end goal for Breitbart and his online crew. Considering how the recent ACORN tapes gotcha unraveled in spectacular fashion, and the fact that O'Keefe and his right-wing pals had the bright idea of playing dress-up in order to enter a federal building under false pretenses in New Orleans, it's obvious that the bogus 'journalism' that these right-wing propagandists produce is largely irrelevant.

And they know it's irrelevant. The whole point seems to produce some slap-dash effort and then, more importantly, wallow in self-pity while mixing in delusions of grandeur.

In other words, behold today's "conservative journalism."

UPDATED: Here's an early media suggestion for O'Keefe in response to his (Zzzz) U.S. Census report -- go do something worthwhile like investigate BP.

From Mediaite:

O'Keefe's new target is apparently the Census Bureau, thought honestly if he wanted to put himself to any real use one suspects he should direct his 'guerrilla' talents toward the BP workers that are reportedly limiting access to the spill site.