James O'Keefe isn't a punk. He's worse.

Just a quick follow-up on James O'Keefe: It's easy to describe what O'Keefe allegedly tried to do to CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau as a “stunt” or an attempt to “punk” her. CNN used the word “punk” in its headline and “prank” in a caption, and I used the word “stunt” earlier today. None are sufficient.

Riding a motorcycle on a wire stretched across the Grand Canyon is a “stunt.” Wearing a chicken suit to mock a political candidate for refusing to debate is a “stunt.” Unscrewing the cap on a salt shaker so your dining companion over-salts his soup is a “prank.”

Lying to a reporter in order to lure her onto a boat under false pretenses, then secretly recording her reaction to being confronted in an enclosed, unfamiliar environment by a strange man with handcuffs and sex toys, all while disparaging her as a “bubble-headed-bleach-blonde,” is not a “stunt.” It is the vicious, misogynist act of a twisted person whose 15 minutes should have expired long ago.