Déjà Vu: James O'Keefe Releases Yet Another Suspicious Video

Conservative activist James O'Keefe has released a video which supposedly shows Ron Schiller, a senior NPR executive, making controversial remarks to two people posing as members of a “Muslim Brotherhood front group.”

Given O'Keefe's long history of doctoring video and using dishonest tactics, this latest release warrants much skepticism.

The video is posted on O'Keefe's site Project Veritas, along with a disclosure that it “does contain one brief section in which the audio is redacted in order to ensure the safety of an NPR overseas correspondent.” The redacted portion starts at about 00:59:43 and ends at about 01:01:00. This is not the portion being called into question.

The suspicious portion starts at about 1:39:46. At this time, Betsy Lilely, NPR's director of institutional giving, says, “NPR is” -- two words that loop continuously until about 01:40:40. Meanwhile the video continues to change (with a waiter apparently serving food) and the timestamp continues to run.


Now, this could have been a mere glitch in the audio. Those things happen. But keeping in mind O'Keefe's propensity to engage in deceptive editing, this raises a serious question: why point out that a section of the video has been redacted and then not point out this portion? Had it been an audio glitch and had O'Keefe indicated such, it would have been less suspicious. But the fact that O'Keefe made no mention of this portion is highly suspicious and makes one wonder if O'Keefe is hiding something.