James Comey says Fox News canceled a scheduled interview with him to discuss Horowitz report

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Citation From the December 9, 2019 edtion of MSNBC's Deadline: White House 

JAMES COMEY: A lot of the damage can't be undone because good people believe something that a president of the United States says or an Attorney General or a news personality says. And so they've bought that and it's going to be hard to walk that back. My goal is to have as many of the American people as possible learn from this and learn that the FBI is the way you'd want it to be. It's not on anybody's side. 

NICOLE WALLACE (HOST): And you tried to get that message out to the Fox News viewer. Tell us what happened. 

COMEY: I offered to go on Fox & Friends which I gather is a very important program for supporters of the President. And they agreed last night to book me at 8:00 tomorrow. I figured I can't change the minds of Fox viewers about President Trump but I can change their minds, I hope,  about the FBI by giving them actual facts. Then after the report came out they canceled my appearance. They must've read the report. 

WALLACE: What did they say? Just "you know, we're full" 

COMEY: Maybe we can do it again after the Durham investigation.