On YouTube, conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec falsely suggests Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is performing gender experiments on unhoused youth

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Citation From the October 4, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's Human Events Daily as aired on YouTube

JACK POSOBIEC (HOST): The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, now, I started picking up this thread last week because the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, you gotta understand, folks, this one's personal for me. I'm from the Philadelphia area, and when you're out there, you know the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, CHOP, that's what we call it, that is sacrosanct. Their name is synonymous with the gold standard, they are the gold standard. That's the number one children's hospital in the entire country.


Well, now we are finding out more about what's actually going on behind the scene of CHOP when it comes to this gender unit. So the CHOP gender unit in Philadelphia, she says, and I'm going to say this again, we recruited folks from a variety of places across the city of Philadelphia in our own HIV clinic and the gender unit as well, as well as at Covenant House and some other community-based organizations and aid service organizations that serve young trans women in Philadelphia.

Well, what is Covenant House, you may ask? Covenant House, if you're not familiar with the area, is a youth homeless shelter. This is an area where kids, under age, obviously, who've been out on the street, who are in, in some cases, horrifying situations, are now being used as research experiments by the gender unit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, children's Philadelphia.

Did you know that? Did you know that when you're making your donation, your monthly donation, your yearly, whatever it is, to Covenant House, that those kids are now the research subjects for gender units. The young, trans kids.


At Vanderbilt, they have them on tape. Matt Walsh got them on tape. It's a cash cow. They want you in as young as possible. Whether insurance pays for it or not. We're talking forty grand, upfront. And then you're paying for further procedures the rest of your life. So the younger they can get you, the longer they have you hooked, the longer you're paying into the system.

So, who's the children hospital association, who's the CHOP general unit associated with? Dr. Rachel Levine, who was the physician general for the state of Pennsylvania before the good doctor went over to our HHS. That relationship is still there. So, Rachel Levine, everyone's favorite military officer, is empowering and working with the gender unit out of Philadelphia's children's and is now looking to take that exact same work to children's hospitals all across the country.


In the case in Philadelphia, the research subjects are homeless children. Orphans. What are we doing as a society? We need to step back and figure out who we want to be.