Steve Bannon praises Putin's speech about Ukraine: “You wouldn't hear an American politician except for Donald Trump do that”

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Citation From the February 22, 2022, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): This is their Cuban missile crisis. This is both wag the dog and wag the markets at the same time. Give us your perspective on – Ashley Parker, who's eventually has the pompoms out. She's a cheerleader for the Biden regime. Ashley Parker, the lead reporter for the White House of The Washington Post, has this brutal article out today saying, hey, I think Biden – Putin may have jammed these guys up because they can't even sell invasion. They're on their back foot right now. What's the current status giving your sources in the White House? What's gonna happen at one o'clock and are the Germans by saying they're slowing – they're stopping the certification process, are they buying time? Jack Posobiec.

JACK POSOBIEC (GUEST): Steve, what we're seeing here is a complete collapse of the neoliberal world order. This is a situation where it's going back to that Sam Huntington clash-of-the-seven-civilizations model. This idea that everybody was gonna be able to join these international organizations and abide by norms and go along with Brussels and go along with the United Nations, which as you've seen, was completely feckless, wasn't able to stop any of this, wasn't even able to come to an agreement. And when they tried to come to agreements, as you've heard from both sides, each side reneged on them. It turns out that civilizations and national interests and realism actually did win the day. And that's why you're seeing complete panic mode from people like Joe Biden and people like Tony Blinken that have pursued this agenda for their entire adult lives. What they pursued was falsity. What they pursued was a fantasy and a pipe dream and it always was.

You are not going to be able to stop history. And that was the point of that speech yesterday. And whether you like it or not, history exists.

BANNON: The speech – hold up, hold up, slow down, hold it, hang on. I want you to go back. That's the speech of Putin. Which was kind of an adults talk to a group of adults. You wouldn't hear an American politician except for Donald Trump do that. Go through that speech briefly, how you walk through the history of the situation, Jack Posobiec.

POSOBIEC: Look, he's making references to the 1917 revolution, and if people understand how that worked, the White Army, that was the czarists, they were, if you read Always With Honor by Kylo Ren, the general there, that was the anti-communist forces — their last redoubt, at the time it was called South Russia, was that area of south Crimea, it was these breakaway areas. And then, it was Lenin and the Bolsheviks who came in and swept that over and then they later instituted what's up now.

And again, right, we're not saying that we agree with any of these statements, but we're saying this is the history and we have to understand their perspective on the history. If we can try to anticipate what their mindset is and anticipate their way of thinking.

So when you understood – you don't hear politicians in the United States, like this. In the United States we get these sort of like cookie-cutter, third-grade-level explanations like Chris Murphy just gave, you know, they're the bad guys, we're the good guys, and it's black and white, There's no shades of gray. There's no history. There's no complexity. There's no price tags on anything, by the way. Chris Murphy hasn't explained to us, what is the price tag on any of these things? What's it gonna do to the price of oil? What's it gonna do the price of gas at the gas pump for the people, the men and women of this country? And by the way, why also is it that the children of this country should be going over to fight in a place like this, in a situation like this, for that specific region? Hasn't given any single answer other than they're bad and we are good. It's kindergarten-level and frankly, it's absurd.

BANNON: It's absurd. It's kindergarten-level, and it's very dangerous. Fiona Hill keeps, you know, she's yammering on all the time. She's another airhead, right? And yammering on all the time.


BANNON: They're also part of this whole thing, and Putin and called them out, the Clintons and these kleptocrats in America turned — turn Ukraine to their colony, stealing money with both hands. Fiona Hill uses term self-determination. Let's talk about self-determination for Taiwan, self-determination for Hong Kong, self-determination for Tibet, self-determination for Turkistan. What we're really it is – let's say self-determination for Burma, where the Chinese Communist Party is now trying to envelop our great ally India. Jack Posobiec.

POSOBIEC: What you said right now actually hits on this, because I want you – I want everyone to go and be very careful when you look at China's statements, China statements on the back of this. And keep in mind, this is a crisis that's completely at the feet of Joe Biden and Joe Biden's White House. This is of their creation. This never would have happened under Trump. He understood all of this clash of civilizations. He got it. He understands this. He never bought into the globalist neoliberal mindset. So he understood the power of a strong America keeps everyone stable.

But, go look at China. China has not supported this move. This idea, this talk of some grand alliance between China and Russia, it's actually not true. Because think about it: China can't support what Russia is doing in Donbas because it's completely at odds with their stance on Taiwan. So if you actually look at this from their perspective, what do they support? They say they support territorial integrity? That's the exact thing that Putin is saying doesn't exist when it comes to these regions.

So you've actually got a fissure point between Russia and China right now, but Blinken and the people in this White House, the neurotic millennials like Jen Psaki, who were going around watching The West Wing. By the way, she mentioned, that you – it was rewatching The West Wing that made her want to get back into politics. They don't even understand that you've gotten an opportunity right now to blow a hole in the alliance between Russia and China and they won't even take it.

BANNON: I want go back to something Jack Posobiec just said. And put this in your nomenclature, write this in your book or you that follow would take notes during the show: created crises. Created crises. Steve Cortes hammers this over and over again. The economic and now the financial and capital markets crisis is completely created by Biden's action. The situation in the Russian-speaking Eastern provinces of Ukraine, this crisis is a hundred percent created by the actions of the Biden administration.