Neo-Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec: “I'm sure that you know someone in your life” who posts explicit, repeated death threats against government officials

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Citation From the August 10, 2023, edition of Thoughtcrime

JACK POSOBIEC (CO-HOST): They spoke with him at his home in March of this year after visiting him, or after following him to church where they watched him attend services and then get into the car with another individual, confronted him at his home, asked him about the posts, you know, he told them to come back with a warrant, apparently they did come back with a warrant here several months later and they claim at this point that he was brandishing a gun and that is why they decided to open fire. Killed him in a hail of bullets. 

CHARLIE KIRK (CO-HOST): Okay, well Jack let's also be fair, he has posted stuff on social media that I think you would deem unacceptable - 

POSOBIEC: If you post stuff like this guy posted you should expect a knock on your door or a - 

KIRK: Okay, so, alright good. I just want to make sure we communicate that, that one of the posts he said FBI next time you come to my door, you know, let me know because I'm going to have a loaded gun waiting for you.

BLAKE NEFF (CO-HOST): And he has like the - 

POSOBIEC: Well, all of the posts are extremely inflammatory. Extremely. 

KIRK: Okay, yeah.

NEFF: And incredibly boomer. Like it's all like the laugh emoji thing like all of this. It's like I half expect him to put one up that has like - 

POSOBIEC: Yeah it's very - 

NEFF: That's like, next time -

POSOBIEC: I think people -

NEFF: When agents come to place I'm going to kill you -


NEFF: It's going to have a minion on it or something.

POSOBIEC: People know someone in your life, maybe not necessarily in your family but I'm sure that you know someone in your life who's in that age range that posts like this. I'm sure you do. 

TYLER BOWYER (CO-HOST): This is why - 

POSOBIEC: On both sides, by the way.