Jack Posobiec endorses “reciprocity” after Trump's 34 guilty verdicts: “Get the message across by any means necessary”

Posobiec: “Take the path of the hunter, and with one singular voice, we are going to make them the prey”

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Citation From the May 31, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec

JACK POSOBIEC (HOST):. Yesterday was 30 May, a day that MAGA will never forget. No. No. No. MAGA remembers. And I have a question for you. Are you the hunter or the prey? What happened to Donald Trump yesterday wasn't just a miscarriage of justice. It wasn't just a Stalinist show trial. It was an act of war. The unhumans want you dead. They want your way of life dead. They want to see your children lobotomized and converted to their mindless, lawless, and godless ways.

These unhumans want you working your fingers to the bone, paying a life tax so that they can frolic in a fake multicultural utopia laced with government subsidies as you and your family die on the job. No chance of joy, no chance of freedom.

They won't let you take a breath unless they allow it. And if you don't stand up and fight right now, there won't be another chance. There is no tomorrow. Silent majority grow up. The time for silence is over. The time to fight is now. So fight with your heart. Fight for your children

157 days, ladies and gentlemen, until ballots are counted, and if we fail to achieve total victory, every book will be rewritten. Every statue will be destroyed. And you, you'll be the slave wondering where it all went wrong, wondering where your children are in the gulags as the invaders from foreign lands set up shop in your house, eat the food off your table, and take the toys out of your children's hands.

It's time to load up on truth. God, America, plant your flag in the stand. Get the message across by any means necessary before the unhumans have their way and erase you permanently from the history books. Take the path of the hunter, and with one singular voice, we are going to make them the prey.

Understand, it's time for reciprocity. Reciprocity is the word that I want you to take and put it in your coffee every single morning and mix it up and chew it and spit it out like the grit that they've served you with.

You want to make us eat rocks? No. No. No. No. We're going to make you eat rocks. Anything that you do to us will be returned tenfold. So I want to see people out there, and I'm talking about registering people to vote. I'm talking about storming the ballot boxes and making sure that all of those early ballots are put in. I'm talking about going all the way. 30 May changes everything. 30 May changes everything, and MAGA remembers.