No Joke: J. Christian Adams Accuses Someone Else Of “Race-Baiting”

I suppose the principle “it takes one to know one” applies here.

In a PJ Media blog post, J. Christian Adams repeatedly accuses Houston Chronicle blogger Geoff Berg of “race baiting.” Berg's offense was to state that the “actual mission” of True the Vote, the Texas “voter integrity” group accused of intimidating voters during the 2010 election, is to “make it as difficult as possible for blacks and Hispanics to vote.” According to Berg, the group is conducting its efforts in minority neighborhoods; he also points out that they recently hosted Matthew Vadum, who has written that registering the poor to vote is “like handing out burglary tools to criminals.”

Adams has often been quick to leap to True the Vote's defense and promote its efforts -- and with good reason. Adams has previously acknowledged that the Texas group is one of his clients. He provides no such disclosure in this piece, leaving it an open question as to whether he's failing to acknowledge a current relationship or failing to acknowledge a prior one.

Adams is, of course, the last person who should be accusing others of race-baiting. His current career is due to his baseless accusation that the Obama Justice Department is engaged in illegitimate race-based enforcement of the law. He became a conservative cause celebre for his public pushing of the New Black Panthers manufactured scandal, and has since offered numerous similarly fact-free claims about the DOJ's racial corruption.

In one of his most egregious race-baiting incidents, Adams compared diversity committees to “South Africa's apartheid regime.” From an August 17 PJ Media piece, discussing DOJ attorney Tamica Daniel:

Tamica Daniel: Ms. Daniel comes to the Section only a year out of Georgetown's law school, where she was the diversity committee chair of the law review, volunteered with the ACLU's Innocence Project, and participated in the Institute for Public Representation Clinic. For those in the real world, diversity committees are groups set up to hector for race-based outcomes in hiring employees and student matters. It is an entity with close cousins in South Africa's apartheid regime and other dark eras in history.

Given his record, it seems unlikely that Adams will either stop accusing others of race-baiting or stop race-baiting.

In other news, Adams is still obsessed with George Soros. He's fitting in just fine at PJ Media.