J.Christian Adams Compares Diversity Committees To “South Africa's Apartheid Regime”

Eleven months ago, J. Christian Adams triggered weeks of frenzied right-wing coverage after he quit the Department of Justice and claimed that under President Obama, the Department of Justice was engaged in a campaign of racially-motivated corruption, highlighted by its actions in the New Black Panther Party case.

Adams' latest Pajamas Media piece is much less explosive, detailing the supposed politicization of the Obama Justice Department largely with more of what we've seen from PJM for the last week or so.

Complaints that the DOJ is hiring attorneys for the Civil Rights Division who have backgrounds in civil rights law? Sure. Declarations that those lawyers are “radicals,” “committed leftist[s],” “militants,” and so on? Of course. Complete lack of comprehension of the irony of a guy hired under a regime of improper DOJ politicization complaining about politicization? You betcha!

But then, via TPM's Ryan J. Reilly, we come to this paragraph:

Tamica Daniel: Ms. Daniel comes to the Section only a year out of Georgetown's law school, where she was the diversity committee chair of the law review, volunteered with the ACLU's Innocence Project, and participated in the Institute for Public Representation Clinic. For those in the real world, diversity committees are groups set up to hector for race-based outcomes in hiring employees and student matters. It is an entity with close cousins in South Africa's apartheid regime and other dark eras in history.

Yup. Adams thinks that committees intended to increase diversity are “close cousins” with “South Africa's apartheid regime.”

This isn't the sort of comparison that you make when you want to be taken seriously as a critic of the DOJ's fictional policy of racial corruption. With every additional comment, Adams discredits the right-wing freak show that promoted his wild claims.