J. Christian Adams' Campaign Donation Hypocrisy

In his new book, Injustice: Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department, New Black Panther fabulist J. Christian Adams goes to great pains to highlight campaign donations to President Obama from DOJ staffers and appointees.

In Chapter 3 (“Personnel Is Policy”) Adams points out that several hires for career attorney positions in the Civil Rights Division were Obama donors. At the end of the book, he circles back to this point, urging future Republican administrations to “prevent the appearance of bias in the conduct of employees' duties” by banning career DOJ lawyers, specifically those in the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, from “engaging in political activities.”

Adams then references several such attorneys who were involved in election-related DOJ functions who donated to Obama, creating “an appearance of impropriety to the American public.”

At one point in the book, Adams even explains that on Election Day 2008, Voting Section chief Christopher Coates kept him at the Section's Washington desk because he didn't trust “key DOJ election officials” who were “large donors to Obama”:

I received an early report about the Panther incident in Philadelphia. Voting Section chief Chris Coates had kept me at the Washington desk for just this sort of eventuality. Normally another lawyer would manage all traffic on election day, but Coates didn't trust him because there were already signs within the DOJ that some attorneys had used their position and power to aid the Obama campaign. Not only were key DOJ election officials large donors to Obama, but a wave of questionable inquiries and requests had come in over the previous few months from people such as Obama campaign lawyer Robert Bauer.

Yeah, it would be horrible if a donor for one of the presidential candidates had been in that position on Election Day, right? You'd never be able to trust whether they were acting to further the law or their candidate of choice.

FEC filing

Yup, J. Christian Adams was a John McCain donor. He received the first report about the New Black Panther case. The rest is history.

Anyone else see an “appearance of impropriety”?