Praising AZ immigration law, IBD says “Arizona has a window seat to an illegal invasion”

From an April 26 Investor's Business Daily editorial, titled, “Praising Arizona (In Border Battle)”:

Arizona's new law is a reminder that the states formed the federal government and not the other way around. One of the federal government's functions was to provide for the security of the new country against foreign enemies and intruders. At this, and particularly under this administration, it has failed miserably.

There are 460,000 illegal aliens in Arizona, a number that increases daily, placing an undue burden on the state's schools, hospitals and law enforcement. Arizona has a window seat to an illegal invasion and on the escalating and violent drug war in Mexico that has put American lives and society at risk.


Buchanan: “Arizona acted because” the federal government failed to “protect the states from invasion” of “illegal aliens”