On Infowars, Steven Crowder suggests Fox contracts keep hosts from speaking their minds

Crowder: “Here's what I do know: that with the contracts that exist out there — keep in mind I also worked for Fox News for four and a half years — they would be precluded from speaking about it anyway, they would be penalized if they spoke about it.”

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Citation From the March 15, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): It's like we have a mind meld. I haven't talked since I was in your studio three months, four months ago so we didn't script this but I was about to go exactly there. I'm not going to sit there and bash the Daily Wire because they're, quote, "competition." I don't see them as that. The globalists are my competition. I want to beat their ideology. But I agreed with you with what you were doing exposing that because you just hit that nail on the head. It has been mainline Conservative Inc. — the talk radio, a lot of the Fox News people other than Tucker, and of course The Daily Wire, who said just take your damn shots and there is no gain of function. And who said everybody at January 6 deserves to be shot or put in prison or, you know, worse. I mean just, we can play all the clips of Conservative Inc. There's some great people over at Daily Wire like Candace Owens and countless others I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But it's very legitimate to point out that they have this whole pedigree, the leadership of these groups, of controlling what we can say and going along with it and then telling this whole stable or collection of talk show hosts that they get and control. And Fox is the worst about doing it. From keeping them from saying the truth when there was evidence of gain of function three years ago, there was evidence of the Feds letting people in as you said, two years ago. And you covered it and I covered it. And then all these other people really don't cover it. And then they turn around, because Elon Musk freed up Twitter some, now they think it is safe and suddenly now, all of this is true and blah blah blah. But then the next time there's a big story, they're going to sit on the bleachers again until they think it's safe again and we don't have time ... when the next big event comes for them to sit there with their thumbs in their butts while all of our freedoms are being taken. I'm not in competition with them, they'll be more popular if they get hardcore, I want them to stop being wimps.

STEVEN CROWDER (GUEST): And to be clear, when I talk about them, I'm not talking about Daily Wire, Daily Wire was an issue where people kind of know where, people can line up wherever they want. I hope that everybody does well. My issue is this, and like I said, there were about four or five maybe six offers that were on the table right when our contract went up and we were looking as to where we wanted to partner alongside Mug Club. And the issue is when you look at these contracts out there. And you have people on the right, and by the way many are good people but they have penalties on behalf of big tech. This is something a lot of people don't know. Hosts and content creators are penalized if they're suspended. They're penalized if they somehow are demonetized on youtube to the tune of some of the offers. People know. 

JONES: Instead of fighting censorship these big conglomerates like Daily Wire, that could break the back of censorship, they partner with big tech as the enforcer. 

CROWDER: Well and it's the same thing, yes with Fox News. That's the only issue. And here's the thing, look, I would never say, I don't get into the business of saying controlled opposition or sort of trying to attribute motives. But I will say this, and I'm not talking about the Daily Wire again, there's like so many great people out there that's kind of something that blew up who I didn't name by the way. But there are a lot of people out there where maybe they believe vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, maybe they believe that any and all elections have been the most free and most fair in our lifetime, maybe they believe that there was no evidence of gain of function research. Maybe all of that is true, and I mean that sincerely. I don't know, here's what I do know: that with the contracts that exist out there, and keep in mind that I also worked for Fox News for four and a half years, they would be precluded from speaking about it anyway, they would be penalized if they spoke about it anyway. So, you can't know necessarily if they don't believe those things, I assume they do, but if they had a problem with these issues there aren't people — outside of yourself and thank god myself. 


CROWDER: By the way you're going to be here in the studio in third chair I think next Wednesday. Do you think I could ever do that? Do you think I could ever do that if we signed with any of these major companies? We can only be brothers-in-arms if we can partner with each other freely and if we engage in mutually beneficial free enterprise.