Infowars host: Bomb threat to Boston Children's Hospital was a false flag from the hospital itself

Owen Shroyer: “It's them doing it to themselves so that they can cry victim in their time of exposure”

Warning: This transcript includes explicit dehumanizing language.

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Citation From the August 31, 2022 edition of The Alex Jones Show

OWEN SHROYER (HOST): They set up the false flags. They set up the false narratives so that they can claim to be the victim and assume more power as their hour of corruption is on full display. Why doesn't the DOJ want federal agents blowing the whistle? Because they know what they're doing is illegal.

Why does the Boston Children's Hospital erase all the documents about the trans kids' surgeries and erase all their videos about the trans kids' surgeries? Because they know what they're doing is child abuse. They don't want you to know what they're doing, but they want to be able to do it in public so that you just assume it's okay. But then when you pointed out and you say, Hey, that's not okay, they say, Wait a second, we're not even doing this. Because they know it's criminal.

They're abusing children. And they're using the government in authoritarian, totalitarian ways. And we just sit here and take it because our Congress is so pathetic. Our media is so pathetic. And quite frankly, the average American person is so pathetic. Sad truths. Sad truths.

So they set themselves up at the victim. "Bomb Threat At Boston Children's Hospital Was A False Alarm, Police Say."

Oh, you don't say.

They probably bomb threat themselves. Probably one of those liberal doctors that chops little kids' weenies off and chops little girls' breasts off. Probably one of those doctors, they called in a fake bomb threat to say, see, I'm the victim now, bring in more kids for me to slaughter. Bring in more kids for me to chop up. Bring in more kids for me to slice and dice. I'm a liberal, and I'm here to slaughter your baby. And then when you call it out, they erase the documents, they erased the videos, and they say, we never did this. In fact, you're lying about us, and now we're getting bomb threats.

They're unreal in their lying and their fraud and their corruption. And their disdain towards humanity.

FBI does the same thing. The Daily Beast today. FBI is facing unprecedented mega threats. Oh, what a bunch of federal agents go online and post anonymous accounts threatening the FBI. Oh, oh, like a bunch of federal agents pretend to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Try to pretend to kidnap Governor Northam. Go out on January 6th inciting violence, telling people to go into the Capitol. Unbelievable levels of corruption. This is the most dangerous time in this country's history. Perhaps even the world.

If the American government becomes this authoritarian and this corrupt, folks, it's over. Forget about it. Forget about it. America is the last bastion of hope and freedom and independence and prosperity that this planet has to offer. And if it goes away, it's done. It's over. And that's why the globalists are so intent on destroying America right now. That's why you see all the operations so hardcore in America right now.

So they false flag themselves. Oh, we're getting threatened. They threatened themselves. It's false flag. Whether it's the Boston Children's Hospital or whether it's the FBI, it's them doing it to themselves so that they can cry victim in their time of exposure. And then they threaten employees who dare go public with the corruption.