Discussing the 2024 primary, Alex Jones hints at supporting Trump over DeSantis

Jones: DeSantis “campaign fundraising is from elites, he does have the Koch brothers backing him. That makes me really have a concern.”

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Citation From the February 6, 2023 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): For those that haven't been paying attention, I know most listeners have, the Koch brothers are coming up for DeSantis against Trump. I like DeSantis on many fronts, but his campaign fundraising is from elites, he does have the Koch brothers backing him. That makes me really have a concern about DeSantis.

ROGER STONE: Well, the Koch brothers were opposed to Donald Trump in 2016. They weren't for him in 2020, so the idea fostered by some of the media – this is a desertion of Trump. and first of all, there's only one Koch brother. The other Koch brother has passed away, but they've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on politics, Yet they haven't been terribly successful. They're strong supporters as you know of open borders because they need cheap labor for their particular industries. So they are the quintessential globalists. It's amazing, today there's a New York Post editorial in which President Donald Trump begins to distance himself from Operation Warp Speed, and he gets criticized for that, So he kind of can't have it both ways.

JONES: That's where I was going next. going next. He's been criticizing DeSantis for supporting the shots, but DeSantis got out in front of that. I think Trump's finally figuring out what a loser these shots are.

STONE: Well, the truth of the matter is that we had some of the most draconian lockdowns in the country here in Florida for over two years, and Governor DeSantis, like President Trump, was a full-throated advocate for the safety and the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccination, and he really cannot rewrite that history. He made a claim that he had banned masks at a time that 3.6 million Florida school children were still actually in –

JONES: But in fairness, he did get off the mRNA injection bandwagon earlier than Trump.

STONE: Slightly earlier, but neither one of them has been for mandatory injection, mandatory vaccination, and I think that's an important point.

JONES: So, I've seen ads on Fox News basically already running saying should DeSantis run, those are campaign ads to get emails. I mean, DeSantis is running. 

STONE: He is running, and therefore we have to see if he is held to his many campaign promises before this most recent election.

One example that I have written about is the critical race theory curriculum back in the in the Florida public schools. Prior to the election, the governor said that he would ban that, and I can tell you here in Broward County, the largest county in the state, the sixth largest school district in the United States, they have just adopted an ADL-approved school curriculum that is some of the most virulent anti-white hate speech I have ever seen. It's my understanding that this is being done in thirteen other counties. So, it's a perfect example where the governor has to follow through. To his credit, I saw over the weekend that the state was revoking a liqueur license for a venue that had a drag queen show that admitted children. Now, I'm in favor of consenting adults doing whatever they want hat's legal, but I'm not in favor --

JONES: I agree, stay there. Roger Stone.