Fox's Tom Homan urges US to combat Mexican drug cartels so Central American asylum-seekers can still be sent there

Homan: “What really concerns me” is civil rights organizations will go to court and say “Mexico is no longer a safe third country”

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Citation From the December 2, 2019, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

TOM HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I'll tell you what really concerns me, Brian, that no one's talking about: The more violence that occurs Mexico, we're going to have the ACLU and other groups going to federal district courts here and say Mexico is no longer a safe third country. So you need to cease and desist the Remain in Mexico program, where we're sending Central Americans now. And once that happens, the surge is back, the Central Americans are going to come back full force because they know they can't be returned to Mexico to wait for their hearings.