Fox contributor calls for revoking the 14th Amendment

Liz Peek: “Our country has to get serious about not affording” undocumented immigrants “so many benefits,” including “the chance for every child born in the United States to become a citizen, even if their parents are not.”

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Citation From the June 28, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

SANDRA SMITH (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): Now it appears there is a big “thanks, but no thanks" from Biden's pick to be the next director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who withdrew from consideration on Sunday, Liz, more than a year after he was nominated. Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez writing on Twitter, quote, "I'm grateful to President Biden for the honor of nominating me, and I wish this administration well as it strives to overcome the paralyzing political gridlock that threatens far more than our nation's border. Frankly, the dysfunction threatens America's heart and soul." But he doesn't take the job. Liz?

LIZ PEEK (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, well, and who could blame him? I mean, what does ICE come in for but ridicule and defaming mainly from Democrats who think that their task is to carry out inhumane activities. What's inhumane is not making it very clear to people who are trekking north to come across our border that they are not welcome here, that it's a very dangerous thing what they're doing, and it's illegal, and we're going to basically prevent their entry.

And really, Sandra, at some point, our country has to get serious about not affording all these people who come in to our country illegally so many benefits, whether it's medical care or schooling or, by the way, the chance for every child born in the United States to become a citizen even if their parents are not.

These are very tough questions, and by the way, I am totally pro-immigrant. Most Republicans are pro-immigrant. We know it's good for the country. It's good for the economy. We're not pro-illegal immigration because we have no control over who comes into our country. And by the way, just in the last year, 50 people on the terror watch list were apprehended. That's not a really very good thing for our national security. So we have to have serious people looking into this.