Days after the Buffalo shooting, Fox anchors allow Texas lieutenant governor to push the great replacement theory unchallenged

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: The Democrats' “plan is to bring in millions of people into this country illegally that they can give them a green card, citizenship, and throw them into voters so they can control the country.”

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Citation From the May 20, 2022 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino

DANA PERINO (CO-ANCHOR): Border states are bracing for the end of Title 42 in just three days. Critics say the lifting of the order will lead to a migrant surge that the U.S. is not prepared for. But Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas says that a plan is in place. Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick joins us now. Just to put it on the board for everyone, the call for number two, this is April daily average of 7,803 people coming across and the administration itself says they expect up to 18,000 per day. How is Texas and the other border states supposed to manage that, Lieutenant Governor?

DAN PATRICK (TEXAS LT. GOVERNOR): They don't care what we have to do, Dana. They don't care that America is being overrun and Texas is being overrun. They don't care that fentanyl is coming in at all0time record high and killing Americans. They don't care that the criminals are crossing the border and MS-13 gang members are crossing the border. They just don't care because it's not their plan.

Their plan is to bring in millions of people into this country illegally that they can give them a green card, citizenship, and throw them into voters, so they can control the country. With people who come here, Dana, who are not educated -- you put them in our schools, they're two or three grade levels behind, and then they drop out. Where do they go? What do they do, Dana? The president never answers this question. I would love to see this new press secretary answer a simple question from Fox. Where do they go, what do they do? They just disappear into the country, and, Dana, this must stop.

America wants their country back, Dana. America wants a secure border where drugs and criminals don't cross. America wants to do something as simple as being able to afford gas in their tank. America wants to be able to buy baby formula as you just talked about. America wants a president who looks like a leader and does not stumble through every speech and turn around and shake hands with people who don't stand there. America wants their country back and what you're seeing, Dana, whether it's the border or it's inflation, go through the list. This administration and this Democrat party has failed everywhere. We have criminals, Dana, running our streets. We have government organizations that used to defend us. Now they attack us. We have parents told that the government should educate their children and not them.

America wants their country back, and the border is a major part of this issue. We're spending over $4 billion this year, Dana, of our taxpayer money. We normally spend about $400 million in border security. When Trump was here in the last year, Dana, the border was pretty much under control in that last year. It is a disaster, and think about this, Dana. If it does go up to 18,000 a day, we're already on pace for 2 1/2 to 3 million coming in now. If he repeals Title 42, you are talking about as many people coming in in this first term of the Biden administration, more people coming here illegally that we apprehend than live in New York City and almost twice as the city of Houston. It's outrageous. We want our country back, and in November, we're going to take it back. 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (GUEST CO-ANCHOR): Lieutenant Governor, you talk about the financial cost, the human cost, but also let's talk about the spike in fentanyl overdoses. That's how -- that's how it's showing up in one way across this country -- 108,000 fatalities last year broadly speaking. But why doesn't that resonate with the administration?

PATRICK: So, Dagen, it doesn't resonate because, look, they know it. This is not negligence. This is purposeful. When you have a problem this big that is ignored this long, I'm talking about all of these problems, but particularly on the border -- then then you can only come to one conclusion. You know what's going on and are you're OK with it because the ends justify the means. If people die in this country because of fentanyl, this is harsh to say, the president obviously doesn't care because he's not doing anything about it. If crime is increasing in all of our cities, he obviously doesn't care because he is not doing anything about it. He is not doing anything about anything. The squad, the left, the socialists have taken over the Democrat party and shame on the Democrats. I used to say they were our opponents, but the Democrats have become an enemy of everything our country stands for. Our simple values, our simple common sense, and it's their fault. They have let their party be hijacked. 

PERINO: We hear the frustration that you have, indeed, and thank you so much for being on with us, and I know you're bracing for that decision on Monday. Thank you.