Huffington Post Newspaper Typo Hall of Fame?

Give Huffington Post, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, credit for taking a poke at the print media it is slowly challenging. The aggregation and news site offers up its choices for top print typos in a collection posted Tuesday.

“We'll admit that we're not immune to typos. They happen. But as an online publication, we have the luxury of being able to right the wrongs immediately - almost like they never happened,” editors state on the list. “You know who doesn't have that luxury? Print media. When those editors open their paper the next morning, there's no going back. So if they accidentally inform someone to 'crap yourself in a blanket' (actually happened), at least they can take solace in the fact that they've brightened someone's day”

My favorite: “Mets Outslut St. Louis.”

See them all HERE.