Huffington Post highlights difference between left and right blogosphere

`Wingers broke out the smelling salts today when a Huffington Post contributor put up a nasty blog post about Glenn Beck. (i.e. Trolling for dirt on the talk show host.) Newsbusters led the charge in the collective hand wringing, because a liberal writer posted something that was out of bounds! It showed how deranged liberals really are!

Well guess what? Editors at Huffington Post acted quickly and pulled the blog post because it did not meet the sites's standards.

Now, try to remember the last time anyone at Newsbusters or Daily Caller or Drudge Report or at any of Andrew Breitbart's sites pulled down a BS blog post or an “exclusive” report on their site because it didn't meet journalism “standards.”

Ha! Of course, this is a trick question because the right-wing blogosphere has no standards. People who occupy that realm virtually never take responsibility for the provable lies they publish, let alone the nasty smear campaigns they launch. But on the left-leaning side, editors at the Hufffington Post immediately corrected what they saw as a breach of protocol.

So while conservative laugh and chuckle and point to the HuffPost today as the latest symbol of liberal hate, the joke is actually on them because the HuffPost today did everyone a favor by showing what standards on the blogosphere should look like.

Not surprisingly, conservatives didn't notice.