Radio Host Howie Carr Attacks American Muslims After Obama's Mosque Speech: “Thank You For 9/11”

Carr: “Thank You For The Boston Marathon Bombing, Thank You For 9/11, [...] Thank You For Fort Hood”

From the February 3 edition of WRKO's The Howie Carr Show:

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HOWIE CARR (HOST): America remains a Christian -- remains? How about just is a Christian country. Remains? Like, you know with the -- you know, despite my best efforts to import all these people, now there's a new report out today saying -- again, another new report, not from the FBI which has said it before, that a lot of ISIS terrorists are going to be coming in with these un-vetted Muslim refugees coming in from the Mideast. And again, I repeat, 91 percent of them after five years or so on food stamps, thank you. Is that what I'm supposed to -- are we supposed to say “Thank you for taking our food stamps, thank you for taking our welfare payments, thank you for eating up all the Section 8 housing?” Thank you for getting a -- 


PRESIDENT OBAMA: First thing I want to say is two words that Muslim-Americans don't hear often enough, and that is “Thank you.”


CARR: Thank you, thank you for the Boston Marathon bombing, thank you for 9/11, thank you for chopping off the head of the woman in Oaklahoma, thank you for shooting up the recruiting station in Chattanooga, thank you for Fort Hood, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


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