MA Radio Host Howie Carr's History Of Mocking Rape Victims, Muslims, Catholics, And The LGBT Community

Boston-based conservative radio host and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr has a history of spreading conservative misinformation, using homophobic and sexist language, and mocking female politicians.

Carr on Women, Gay and Transgender Rights

Carr Blamed A Rape Victim For Her Own Rape. During his November 3, 2011 radio show, Carr mocked a woman who was raped at an Occupy Wall Street protest, saying that she probably has a “trust fund,” and asking, “What did she think was going to happen?” (emphasis added):

One of the women, an 18-year-old Massachusetts native - how much you wanna bet she's got a trust fund? - told police she got into an argument with a male friend with whom she was sharing a tent about 6am Saturday. She left and met Iketubosin, the official said. He offered to let her sleep in his tent, saying he had to go to work in the park's makeshift kitchen. The alleged victim took Iketubosin up on his offer and went to sleep, but she soon awoke to find Iketubosin removing her pants, the official said.

What is wrong with these people? What did she think was going to happen? She told police she asked him to stop but he didn't comply. Then he raped her, the official said.


Isn't that nice? They're certainly, they're really making a great statement against capitalism, aren't they? Getting raped and groped. [Blue Mass Group, 11/3/11]

Carr: Mt. McKinley Wouldn't Be Renamed If President McKinley Was Gay. In a September 1 column for the Boston Herald, an “outraged” Carr wrote that President Obama renamed Alaska's Mt. McKinley “Denali” because President McKinley was a Republican and therefore not “politically correct enough.” He went on to mock murdered Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and Caitlyn Jenner, among others:

What if William McKinley had been gay? I guarantee you this posthumous indignity would not have been visited upon him.


But once you start this sort of ethnic cleansing of running-dog capitalist roaders, where does it end?

In New Hampshire, the Presidential Range is devoid of PC peaks. Mount Washington -- named after a slave owner. Mount Jefferson -- already expunged from the Democrat calendar. Mount Madison -- his top general in the War of 1812 was the other half of the now-banned Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. Mount Monroe -- commemorating the author of Amerikkka's first imperialist manifesto, the Monroe Doctrine.

So many racist mountains, so little time to change their names. How about Trayvon Mountain? Rapper Ridge? Gentle Giant Peak? Sharpton's Summit? Alcee Hastings Heights?

Poor William McKinley. Is it too late to change his first name to Caitlyn? [Boston Herald, 9/1/2015]

Carr Questioned Validity Of Rape Claims. During a segment on his June 17 radio show on Rachel Dolezal -- the Washington state NAACP official who was accused of lying about her race -- Carr mentioned Dolezal's allegations of rape against a former partner and suggested it likely didn't happen since she never notified police. He then compared her claim to a discredited Rolling Stone article about allegations of rape at the University of Virginia. [Howie Carr Show, 6/17/15]

Carr Has Been Criticized For His Sexist And Anti-LGBT Remarks

Women's Media Center: Carr Is Most Sexist Columnist Of The Year. Carr has repeatedly ridiculed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) in his Herald column, calling her “Granny” and “Liz.” Carr's derisive coverage of Warren prompted the Women's Media Center's organization, Name It. Change It., to award Carr the title of “Most Sexist Columnist of the Year” in 2012:

It's been said to whom much is given, much is expected. Howie Carr has not one but two media platforms, a regular column with the Boston Herald newspaper and a radio show on WRKO. Back in February 2012 Howie Carr came up with what he thought was a great nickname for Elizabeth Warren, “Granny.” Throughout the rest of the 2012 election season when Howie referred to Elizabeth Warren it was often just “Granny.” He often didn't even refer to her by last name. He also called her many other names, like “Pocahontas” and used plenty of offensive racial tropes, which included playing the “Tomahawk Chop” anthem on his radio show. [Women's Media Center, 11/8/12]

Harvard Students Boycotted Carr For A 1987 Column That Tied Homosexuality To Pedophilia. Several Harvard University students expressed disapproval after Carr was invited to lead a study group on “political satire” at the university in 1987. In a letter to The Harvard Crimson, several students cited Carr's recently-published column on the opening of a new gay bar called “Chaps” in Boston. Harvard University officials met with the students and eventually decided not to revoke the invitation, citing freedom of speech concerns. According to the Crimson, several students held protests outside the classroom where Carr's study group met (emphasis added):

Carr's piece, entitled “S. End landmark and an unwanted future neighbor,” was about a gay bar that is trying to move across the street from Foley's--apparently one of Carr's favorite “blue-collar” drinking spots. He begins his gay-bashing by noting that Chaps--the name of the proposed bar--may hold 1200 people while Foley's can hold only 100. “If this goes through,” he writes, “they are going to have us outnumbered, in our own neighborhood, by at least a 10-1 margin.”

He continues with a mean-spirited quasi-eulogy of the man who was Chaps half-owner: “Chaps is--or was--half-owned by a fellow named Mario M. Mattei. Two unsurprising facts about Mario: He lived on Appleton Street and AIDS killed him.”

The pieces reaches its homophobic climax with this query: "Suppose a Chaps patron, reeling out the dark after 10 or 12 Brandy Alexanders, mistakes an off-duty cop coming out of Foley's for a junior high school student?" [The Crimson, 10/2/87]

Carr Has Attacked People Based On Their Race And Religion

Carr: Black Lives Matter Protesters Are “Filthy, Fat, Lazy, Stoned, Narcissistic, Occupy Hippies.” In a January 18 Herald column, Carr railed against Black Lives Matter protesters in Boston, linking them to the Wall Street reform “Occupy” movement. He wrote that protesters should “put down the bong” and “start a diet (complete with a new hashtag: #SaladsMatter),” before threatening that they would be “in such a world of hurt” if they try and shut down traffic before a Patriots' game." [Howie Carr Show, 1/18/15]

Carr To Opponents Of The Confederate Flag: “What's The Big Deal?” In a June 20 column, Carr criticized Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker for changing his stance on South Carolina's flying of the Confederate flag over its statehouse, writing that Baker should “grow a pair.” He also questioned why people want the flag to come down, mentioning that U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who is black, and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R), who is Indian-American “don't seem to have a problem with the flag.” [Howie Carr Show, 6/20/15]

Carr: Former Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Deval Would Have Issued State Benefit Cards To Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Visiting Family. An April 24 column by Carr suggested that Massachusetts taxpayers would have to pay the hotel bill for the family of the alleged Boston bomber, in town for his trial. He expanded his critique to the entire Muslim and Chechen community, calling Chechnya a “Third World hellhole” and writing that “everyone at the mosque got the memo” to come to America on the taxpayer dime.

Will any of the murdering Muslim's extended family hunkered down at the Hampton Inn in Revere be extending their middle finger to the infidel TV cameramen - don't worry, guys, it's just their quaint Chechen way of wishing you “Happy Ramadan!”

Of course the first question yesterday when these future “refugees” stepped out of Terminal E at Logan Airport and into their waiting white vans was, how much is this latest PC circus going to cost us taxpayers?

You've heard of Weekend at Bernie's? This is Weekend at Dzhokhar's. Everybody at the mosque got the memo - road trip!

If Deval Patrick were still governor, you can bet his Department of Terrorist Assistance would be out on Route 1A first thing this morning, issuing special holiday EBT cards to every Mohammed and Abdullah in the party. [Howie Carr Show, 4/24/15]

Carr Has Been Criticized For His Anti-Catholic Rhetoric

The Catholic Action League: Carr Is Anti-Catholic. The Catholic Action League opposed Carr's invitation to speak at the anti-abortion Assembly for Life in Massachusetts in 2011, saying in a letter to the assembly's president that Carr had repeatedly offended and criticized Catholics, who make up a substantial part of the anti-abortion movement.

In January, 2002, Carr hosted a segment in which he asked his listeners “Are you ashamed to be a Catholic?” during which he boasted that he never went to Mass. All throughout the molestation crisis of 2002, Carr contemptuously referred to the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston as “Bernie Law”, and on November 29th of that year the Boston Herald published a column by Carr in which he described the Cardinal as “a Bulger bum kisser.”


Hispanic Catholics, with their large families and culture of life, are the future of the Church and the Pro-Life movement in America. Howie Carr however, is not only an anti-Catholic but a crude nativist. One of the recurring themes of his program is the attempt to link illegal immigrants to crime. A particularly offensive gimmick is his habit of playing Mexican music while reading the names of criminal suspects with Hispanic surnames. [, 12/22/10]