Boston's Howie Carr Is Trump's New England Mouthpiece

Carr Has Been Preaching The GOP Front-Runner's Divisive Message For Years

Boston Herald columnist and syndicated radio host Howie Carr took easily to supporting Donald Trump after spending years promoting similar anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric. Since Trump's rise, Carr has mocked his opponents, promoted Trump on his radio show, and appeared on stage to introduce the candidate.

Carr Has A Large Audience In New England

Carr Has Been Called One Of The Top 20 Radio Hosts In America, And He Writes A Column For The Boston Herald. Based in Boston, Howie Carr has risen to number 15 in the industry publication Talkers magazine's “Heavy Hundred” list of American radio hosts. Carr is also an author and long-time opinion columnist for the Boston Herald. His radio show can be heard on over 20 stations in New England. [Talkers, accessed 3/9/16;, accessed 3/9/16; Boston Herald, accessed 3/9/16]

Carr Has Been Using His Platforms To Support His “Friend” Trump

Carr Has Hosted Trump At Least Six Times On His Radio Show Since February 1. Trump has appeared on The Howie Carr Show at least six times since February 1. During the interviews, Carr allows Trump to attack his rivals and push back on media criticisms of divisive rhetoric. Trump often thanks Carr for helping promote his message and refers to Carr as “a friend.” [The Howie Carr Show, 2/2/16; The Howie Carr Show, 2/8/16; The Howie Carr Show, 2/9/16; The Howie Carr Show, 2/26/16; The Howie Carr Show, 3/4/16; The Howie Carr Show, 3/7/16]

Carr Is Vocal In His Support Of Trump On Twitter. Carr often takes to Twitter to support Trump. In addition, he has mimicked Trump's language there, calling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) “little marco” and attacking undocumented immigrants:

Carr Vacationed And Golfed With Trump At Trump's Mar-a-Largo-Club Resort In Palm Beach, FL. In an article published on, the radio host bragged about playing golf with Trump and the Secret Service while staying at Trump's Mar-a-Largo-Club Resort in Palm Beach, FL (emphasis added).

Here's what I saw yesterday with my own eyes - Donald Trump, with his wife, Melania. It was at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. He was getting ready to fly to Nashua for the speech last night, and she was getting ready to go to the beach.

I mention this only to set up a question: When was the last time you ever saw Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton together? Maybe at his second inauguration... in 1997?


So I'm in Palm Beach on vacation yesterday with my wife, and Newsmax publisher Chris Ruddy, and best-selling author (and ex-Herald reporter) Ron Kessler and his wife, and Trump comes down to see us before he leaves. As the frontrunner, he's got Secret Service protection now. He's living the dream.

“It's great, you don't have to small talk these guys with 'how's the weather?' I tried it a couple of days, then I realized they don't care, they're just here to make sure nothing happens. It's great when you're playing golf. You make a bad shot, they don't see anything, they're too busy scanning the woods, looking for bad guys.”


Finally Trump stood up. The Secret Service guy started talking into his coat lapel. One of Trump's aides handed him some ties for the Nashua speech.

“Soon,” he said, making a magnanimous motion with his hand, “we will all be in the White House together.” [, 12/29/16]

The Howie Carr Show Held A Live Broadcast From A Trump Rally In New Hampshire. Prior to a Trump rally in New Hampshire ahead of the state's February 9 primary, Carr hosted his show live from the event venue. [The Howie Carr Show, 1/29/16]

Carr Introduced Trump At A New Hampshire Rally. During an interview with Trump on The Howie Carr Show, the host declared that he would be introducing the candidate at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. Subsequent reports from Breitbart confirmed that the host appeared at the rally. [The Howie Carr Show, 1/29/16; Breitbart, 2/3/16]

Following The Republican Debate In Miami, Carr Claimed Trump Had Won And Supported Trump's Claim That “Islam Hates Us.” In his March 11 column for the Boston Herald, Carr claimed that the less confrontational tone of the Miami GOP debate meant that Trump had won and that his opponents were conceding that attacking him would not work. Carr also backed Trump's statement that “Islam hates us” by saying Trump gave the “perfect comeback” when he doubled down on the remark:

Talk about Deflategate -- after 11 nights of Texas death matches, suddenly they were pulling their punches. Donald Trump because he's won, and the other three because they've ... lost.

“All of a sudden I can't believe how civil it's been up here,” Trump said with a smile at 9:34 last night. Death has five stages, the final one is “acceptance.”

Ted Cruz can blame it on a cold, John Kasich can blame it on his strategy, which if you had to put it on a baseball cap would be, “Make America Boring Again.” As for Marco Rubio -- is it too late to drop back and run for his Senate seat again?

Little Marco had the whole crowd with him right there in Dade County, but he still couldn't bring his A-game, which left Trump to start spring training for the general-election debates. To use the consultant cliche, he's “pivoting.”

Trump is running out the clock. But if it's football, you still have to mix it up. You can't run off tackle every play, right? So when Jake Tapper asked him about his comment on CNN that “Islam hates us,” Trump has the perfect comeback.

“A lot of 'em do.” [Boston Herald, 3/11/16]

Carr Reveled In Trump's Predicted Super Tuesday Win Over The “GOP Establishment.” In his March 1 column for the Boston Herald, Carr mocked Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich for their losing primary records and claimed they were part of the “Republican In Name Only (RINO) Party”:

Finally it's Super Tuesday -- the day the GOP establishment and its bed-wetting sycophants in the media get their ears pinned back big time.

Truly, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the calamity that is about to befall the grandees of the Grand Old Party today. It's not so much that Donald Trump is going to win, it's who's going to lose. Marco Rubio is staring down the barrel of an 0-for-12 evening.

Consider Gov. John Kasich, a definite 0-12 today, on top of already losing the first four states. He'll lose some more before March 15 when he finally reaches his home state of Ohio, where he's behind ... Donald Trump.

“Everybody has to do it,” he explained Sunday, “the way they want to do it.”

This is what passes for strategy among the Republicans in Name Only (RINO) Party who haven't already been laughed out of the race. Lose, lose, lose ... and hope that somewhere down the line, the Marco Rubio super PAC known as the Fox News Channel can take out Trump.

“Sometimes it takes a while,” Brit Hume was saying last night. Of course, that's what he was saying when Trump attacked John McCain ... last July.

The reality is, when the only people you've got beside you in the Foxhole are named Frank Luntz and George Will, you'd better be making a good Act of Contrition, or you would be, if you weren't a RINO. They're all Episcopalians. [Boston Herald, 3/1/16]

Carr: “The Pope's PC Harrumphing Makes Me Think More Kindly Of Trump.” In his February 19 column for the Boston Herald, Carr lambasted the pope for criticizing Trump's plan to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. Carr went on to claim that the Vatican had its own walls built to keep out “savage marauding Arabs” and said the church's sexual misconduct scandal left it without room to judge Trump.

Let's face it, a lot of born-agains still don't care all that much for the Catholic church. The pope's PC harrumphing makes them think more kindly of Trump.

And even though there aren't all that many Catholics in the Palmetto State, I'd bet most of them aren't all that crazy about this secular humanist who comes off like Al Gore whenever he starts spouting off about global warming, which is about three times a day.

Does the pope even understand that he lives in a community with 36-foot-high walls - walls built in the ninth century by Pope Leo IV to protect Vatican City from savage marauding Arabs who were raping, pillaging and looting their way across Europe. Sound familiar?

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: “Mr. Pope, tear down this wall!”

How many “migrants” has Vatican City accepted? Yeah, that's what I thought. Remember during the Iowa caucuses how Trump rented out a whole theater to show “13 Hours,” to remind his voters about Hillary Clinton.

Is it too late for Trump to arrange a few showings in South Carolina this evening of “Spotlight,” about how the Church handled the pederast rape scandal here in Boston?

The church knows plenty about walls - they built an impregnable one around Bernard Cardinal Law when he fled Boston one step ahead of a posse in the wake of the Archdiocesan rape epidemic. Law “migrated” to Rome, where he remains to this day, beyond the reach of Massachusetts law. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 2/19/16]

Carr Has A Long History Of Xenophobic And Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Carr: If Undocumented Immigrants Are Made In God's Image, Then God Is A “Parasite” And A “Drunk Driver ... Busted For Selling Coke Or Being Involved In A Drive-By Shooting.” During the March 14 episode of The Howie Carr Show, Carr discounted Kasich's view of undocumented workers being made in God's image, saying that if they were, then God is a violent “parasite” (emphasis added):

HOWIE CARR: Breitbart, which is burning down around us here, has a compendium on its website of all of [Kasich's] statements in favor of amnesty. Did you know that illegal aliens are made in God's likeness? You didn't know that, did you? You didn't know that God looked like an illegal alien drunk driver standing next to a translator after being busted for selling coke or being involved in a drive-by shooting where police confiscated six EBT cards, but that's what God looks like.

PRODUCER: I think that's pretty mainline Christian thinking, though, that all men are created in God's image.

CARR: Yeah, it is.

PRODUCER: It might have been an unwise thing to say, but it's consistent with most Christian theology.

CARR: Yeah, well I think God wants, I think God says “render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.” He doesn't say take an EBT card or 10 from Caesar, and you know rape and murder when you come into a foreign country and expect the people, the hosts that you are a parasite to, to learn your language and take care of you, and you get first dibs in the emergency room and you're eligible for a job over a native, a member of the host that you are leeching off of. [The Howie Carr Show, 3/14/16]

Carr: Don't Just Ban Muslims; “It's Time To Stop Immigration.” In his December 9 column for the Boston Herald, Carr responded to Trump's call to ban Muslim immigrants from the U.S. by calling for an end to all immigration:

For the record, this is what I tweeted out Sunday night after Obama's pathetic address from the Oval Office: “time to close the border. No racial profiling. Nobody NOBODY can come in. What could be fairer?”

So I'm not with Donald Trump on banning only - Muslims, never was. I want to turn off the immigration spigot the Constitutional way, the - doable way. (If you ask a terrorist flying in from Karachi if he's a Muslim, what do you think he's going to say?)

It's time to stop immigration, not just because of terrorism, but also to halt rampant lawbreaking and the multi-billion dollar abuse of the welfare system by undocumented Democrats. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 12/9/16]

Carr Used The Boston Bombing To Suggest That Allowing Any Muslim Immigrants Into The U.S. Is A Mistake. In his April 20, 2013, column in the Boston Herald, Carr claimed that bringing in “Muslims from a primitive society that has been battling Christians for centuries” amounts to the U.S. asking for trouble:

Uncle Sam lets another bunch of leeching future terrorists into the country who have absolutely no business being here, gives them “asylum,” making them immediately eligible for welfare, and this is the thanks we get?

They turn into mass murderers.

We bring in thousands of Muslims from a primitive society that has been battling Christians for centuries, and put them into a peaceful Christian society - what could possible go wrong?


You can see the decay everywhere - in the emergency rooms, in the courts, in the welfare offices and, yes, in the epidemic of senseless murders. The only difference this time was one of the bloodthirsty fiends was actually a naturalized U.S. citizen.


I know you're not supposed to paint with a broad brush, unless you're a liberal, in which case you are not only permitted, but expected to make Adam Lanza the poster boy for 100 million law-abiding legal gun owners.

But please, before the Kool-Aid drinkers in the Senate try to get amnesty for at least 12 million undocumented Democrats, can somebody please consider how many more of these Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs we really need?

A better question: How many of these jihadist “refugees” can we as a society survive?

Look at the chaos and the tragedy these Chechens have inflicted on the people of Boston this week. Who asked them to come here? What exactly do they contribute to the culture? They have had everything - absolutely everything - handed to them.

Obviously, no other country in the world wanted these sharia-crazed Stone Age Muslim terrorists. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 4/20/13]

Carr: “Illegal Aliens” Have Unleashed “Carnage” By Committing Violent Crimes Across Massachusetts. In his September 28, 2011, column for the Boston Herald, Carr portrayed undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts as overly violent by pointing to anecdotal evidence that he claimed amounted to a “reign of terror”:

Must be nice to have two mansions, state police drivers and millions in the bank from the corporations you walked away from. It must be easy for Gov. Deval Patrick to ignore the carnage that the illegal aliens he supports so fervently are unleashing on the commonwealth.

Another day, another person killed in Massachusetts by an illegal alien.

But Deval Patrick remains cool. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

“It's horrible,” he said of the latest murder, in Marshfield of all places, allegedly by a Brazilian using a visa number issued to a Kuwaiti woman. “But it's horrible on its own.”

What's horrible is that this Third World freeloader didn't have to be here. He could have been thrown out of this country months ago. But Deval wouldn't hear of it.

“I think we need to be careful,” Deval was saying yesterday, “not to paint (with) too broad a brush.”

Deval was instructing his coat-holders in the media, try not to mention that he's an illegal alien, or at least bury it in the 10th paragraph. Don't list the illegals' toll - the dreadful murders in Brockton; or the dead motorcyclist in Milford; or the six-time drunken driver, deported three times, arrested over the weekend in Boxboro; or Uncle Omar's court appearance tomorrow.

And if you must mention that the suspected stabber is a ... new American, then by all means do what the Globe so often does on its Web site. Don't allow any of the readers to comment on any story where somebody gets killed by an . . . undocumented worker. You know, these posters have no respect for our wonderful governor. Just last week, when he got caught driving during don't-drive week, some blue-collar wretch scribbled on a message board, “He was probably just driving an illegal to the welfare office.”

And pay no attention to all these bills that are being introduced on Beacon Hill to try to stop the guest workers' reign of terror. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 9/28/11]

Carr: “Free Loading Illegal Aliens” Are Using Food-Stamp EBT Cards To Buy Lobster And Fruit. In a May 13, 2011, column for the Boston Herald, Carr claimed that “free loading illegal aliens” were defrauding taxpayers by using EBT cards to buy seafood and fruit.

Supposedly, the hacks at the State House are going to stop the layabouts from using their Auntie Zeituni cards to buy booze, lottery tickets and lap dances. But, whatever halfhearted crackdowns the kleptocrats at the State House impose, Willie's constituents will still be able to use their EBT cards to buy any kind of food they want. So check out the seafood this gimme girl was buying at her local supermarket, paid for by your tax dollars.



Altogether, the EBT bill was $205.99, and it included passion fruit, mango juice and more.

Last weekend, at one of my “Hitman” book signings, a cashier at a large local supermarket handed me a fistful of these receipts.

“You wouldn't believe what I see every day,” the cashier said, but I would. I used to frequent a big supermarket in a district overrun with freeloading illegal aliens. The last time I went to that market, I told the cashier that this would be my final trip to her store. I couldn't stand to watch anymore of the rip-offs. The cashier nodded silently.

“I have to put up with this for eight hours a day,” she whispered, lest the PC Police overhear her. “How do you think I feel at the end of my shift?”

Like a Republican, would be my guess. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 5/13/11]

Carr: “The Typical Illegal Knows He Has More Rights -- And Fewer Responsibilities -- Than any U.S. Citizen.” In a Boston Herald column discussing new emergency medical technician regulations regarding Spanish-speaking patients Carr wrote that “illegal[s]” had more rights than U.S. citizens and that being white in America puts a “target on [your] back”:

The EMT is provided with an explanation to read, just slightly shorter than the Gettysburg Address, that we pick up in progress: “Usually, but not always, people who trace their heritage or family's ancestry to Spain or a country in Latin American (sic) can think of themselves as Hispanic.”

But not always, eh? If those are the criteria, I'm Hispanic. So don't even think about sending me a bill, gringo - that's a hate crime.

By this time, the patient may be bent over in excruciating pain, but the apartheid exam must continue.

“What is your race?”

The PC Police cleverly anticipate the dying patient's possible response: “We're all human beings.”

Most likely, this would be a white person saying this. When the Democrats demand to know whether you're white, it's not because they want to give you some free stuff. I haven't checked the “white” box on any official document in at least a decade. Why paint a target on my back in a country where the president dismisses his own grandmother as a "typical white person.''

The moonbats suspect that before the patient loses consciousness, another question may come up: “Are you trying to find out if I am a U.S. citizen?”

Gimme a break. The typical illegal knows he has more rights - and fewer responsibilities - than any U.S. citizen. Any cop who tries to separate an “undocumented worker” from his Auntie Zeituni liquor welfare card is in for a world of hurt. [Boston Herald, accessed via Nexis, 3/13/11]

Kathryn Karmazyn and Jared Holt contributed research to this post.