UPDATED: Is Howard Kurtz really this oblivious?

Just wanted to highlight what Jamison noted in terms of Kurtz and the WashPost playing dumb about Limbaugh's outrageous Nazi rhetoric. My latest column is on this exact topic, so I thought I'd add two points.

First, the Washington Post also gave Glenn Beck a pass when he recently announced the President of the United States had a “deep seated hatred of white people” and was a flat-out “racist.” At the Post, which obsesses over the intersection of media and politics, the jaw-dropping attack by Fox News' superstar host wasn't considered to be newsworthy.

So for those keeping score at home, two of the most popular and powerful conservative voices in America (Limbaugh and Beck) have recently called out Obama as a Nazi racist. But sorry, at the Washington Post that's just not news. Nothing to see here people. Just keeping moving along. The right-wing media are not the story.

Second, and this is just sort of a side note, but how loopy was it that when a reader specifically asked Kurtz during an online forum why, as the newspaper's media critic, he hadn't written one word about Limbaugh's Nazi rhetoric, Kurtz's response was “I don't know.”


How can he not know why he does or does not cover a particular story?