UPDATED: Big Gov wonders if Gibbs' and Stern's “Purple Bracelets [are] a Mark of Clintonesque Solidarity?”

UPDATE: Gibbs responds on Twitter:

From Kyle Olson's March 15 Big Government post:

Robert Gibbs' and Andy Stern's Purple Bracelets a Mark of Clintonesque Solidarity?

by Kyle Olson

I thought it was odd that Robert Gibbs was wearing a purple bracelet (and a purple tie) during his appearance on “Fox News Sunday” and CBS' “Face The Nation.” SEIU president Andy Stern, the top visitor to the White House, wore a similar, if not the same, purple bracelet at one point, too. And in virtually every photo of Stern, he's wearing SEIU's purple color.


The bracelet is kind of a signal to tell Stern that the administration has it under control and ObamaCare will be delivered. Just a few more Democrats need to be shown the Chicago way.

Am I making too much out of nothing? Maybe. Who knows.


And this reminded me of another time a signal was being sent by the White House some time back.


Was Gibbs sending a signal to Stern, ala Clinton and Lewinsky? Doubtful. But anything is possible in the lead-up to the intra-Democratic Party showdown to deliver health care reform for Andy Stern and SEIU.