John & Ken Float Conspiracies About Hillary Clinton's Health, Advise Trump To Call Her "Sick Hillary”

From the April 22 edition of KFI AM-640’s John & Ken Show:

JOHN KOBYLT (CO-HOST): John and Ken show, John Kobylt, this is like being in the death ward. 

KEN CHIAMPOU (CO-HOST): Everyone's dying there. That's Hillary [Clinton] right? She's still coughing?

KOBYLT: Yep, that's Hillary, Shannon.


CHIAMPOU: She needs a glass of water. Yeah, Hillary's got that allergy problem.

KOBYLT: Oh yeah, allergy problem.

CHIAMPOU: Don't forget that one. Not only is she crooked Hillary, she's sick Hillary, Trump. Remember that she's sick!

KOBYLT: I read the other day she might have a thyroid problem that's causing it.

CHIAMPOU: Oh, a thyroid problem. Wow. That's serious.

KOBYLT: Your next president.

CHIAMPOU: Keep going, Hillary.

KOBYLT: Imagine hearing this for eight years?


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