Anti-choice figures twist Rihanna’s pregnancy and powerful Super Bowl performance into anti-choice propaganda

Rihanna’s spoken up for abortion rights. Anti-choice figures are trying to use her Super Bowl pregnancy announcement to suggest otherwise.

After Rihanna revealed she’s pregnant during a halftime performance at the Super Bowl, anti-choice activists took to Twitter to push propaganda about her performance, claiming she was giving “pro-life vibes” despite her history of supporting abortion rights.

Rihanna has spoken out in support of the right to choose in the past. In 2019, she called out Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s abortion ban when it was signed into law on both Twitter and Instagram.

Anti-choice activists ignored this reality in favor of pushing their own regressive agenda. 

Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins responded to Rihanna’s performance by attacking Planned Parenthood.

Multiple other accounts associated with Students for Life also pushed an anti-choice message. The organization’s main account tweeted a graphic pushing the same message, projecting the message that “Women can have their careers AND their babies” onto the performance. 

Anti-choice influencer Christine Yeargin wrote on Twitter that “Rihanna revealing her pregnancy during her Super Bowlhalftime performance is pro-life vibes.” The tweet was reposted by Turning Point USA’s celebrity gossip and lifestyle podcast “POPlitics” on Instagram.

After apparently receiving pushback for this take, Yeargin took to her Instagram stories, admitting she knows that Rihanna does not share her anti-choice views but doubling down anyway. 


Citation From Christine Yeargin's Instagram account:

Founder of anti-choice group Live Action Lila Rose also capitalized on the reveal.

Prominent anti-choice leader Abby Johnson addressed the “Pro-Abortion Mob,” saying, “Rihanna didn’t need to kill her unborn children to be successful. She’s a billionaire and just performed at the super bowl while pregnant with her second child. Take a couple lessons from her.”