Fox's Harris Faulkner and Will Cain claim George Soros is using “money” and “the media” to buy Latino votes

Cain: “They do it by investing in media” to “control the narrative and ultimately the thoughts and then ultimately the votes” of Latinos in Florida

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Citation From the June 7, 2022 edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (ANCHOR): This is also interesting history to know about. The George Soros money. Because it has been there for decades and it's time to start paying attention to it, especially at this point in our history. It appears Soros is also looking to help tip the scales in the upcoming midterm elections. Democrats are losing more Latino voters to the GOP so cue George Soros and big cash.


WILL CAIN (GUEST): Let's explore for a moment the influence of George Soros money. Almost 50 percent -- 40 percent of the people living in America's largest metropolitan areas are living in a district where the D.A. has been backed by George Soros's money. 72 million Americans are living in an area where the D.A. was backed by George Soros's money.


Now they're losing Hispanic voters, is the Democratic Party. So George Soros' money comes in to influence and buoy that loss. And how do they do it? And this should open all of our eyes. They do it by investing in media. Latino, Hispanic, Spanish speaking radio stations so they can control the narrative and ultimately the thoughts and then ultimately the votes of a constituency they have relied on and are now losing.


FAULKNER: The old play, right, from the vintage playbook is if you can't tell them the truth, find a way to lie to them. It's really basic.