Fox straight news anchor claims Lego is “going woke” because of new toys featuring different types of people

Fox Radio host Jimmy Failla tells Fox anchor Harris Faulkner that new Legos with people who have Down Syndrome or have lost a limb: “The reason they force identity to toys they think it comes with a built-in political orientation”

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Citation From the February 22, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (FOX ANCHOR): Say it ain't so. Now, leego – Lego, excuse me got me with both on. Lego is going woke.

The company unveiling a range of new characters in the effort to be more inclusive. Lego says the new characters will promote diversity and understanding. Some will have anxiety issues. I don't know how you show that. One will have a missing limb. Another down syndrome. These are really important issues.


FAULKNER: Do you want Lego in there?

FAILLA: Definitely not.

But what's so fascinating about this story is the divide in the country. Republicans think it is insane that they are forcing identity politics into Legos. Democrats are upset they didn't make a drag queen stripper. They're like 'you call this a children's toy? what kind of set is this?' No it shouldn't be going on the way it is going on.

But the reason they force identity into toys is because they think identity comes with a built-in political orientation, and that's what they're after here. I'm not having it.