Fox host: Ilhan Omar “is a real parasite on our political system”

Will Cain: “You're a parasite feeding off of a host until that host will ultimately die”

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Citation From the September 9, 2022 edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (FOX ANCHOR): So Will, there is no surprise that when you take the money away to hire cops, you'll get fewer of them because you've taken the money away to hire cops, and crime will spike. So, what do you say to people like Ilhan Omar. 

WILL CAIN (FOX HOST): That, quite honestly, you're a parasite feeding off of a host until that host will ultimately die. You know, I think about this and we have disagreements within our political spectrum, Harris, and you know, once you start going down the path of attacking the person ad hominem you are not really doing anything to help solve the problem, and you are probably indulging in your base instincts. But you also have to be real about this. The current policies that have been advocated for by, not just Ilhan Omar, but a good chunk of the left over the past couple years have been sort of the moral preening of someone who looks in the mirror and likes what they see back regardless of the effects of their action. That is parasitic, that is killing the host. What the means specifically is, you are looking at violent crime up 24 to 29%, you heard Mike say 29% in Minnesota over the past couple of years. So, all of these policies, and it is not just defund, you played it in her own words, dismantle, which she didn't get accomplished to its full extent. What that means is, she is preening, she is gathering some votes, although fewer and fewer it should be pointed out. And she is winning, unfortunately, and she is getting national fame and Twitter likes and she'll get high fives and probably some defense in support of this segment or against my criticism in this segment. But what she is really doing is feeding off of her community -- Black and brown -- and, on average, poor socioeconomically. She is feeding like a parasite off of that community while they literally die in increasing numbers. I am sorry, but that is not simply that we have a political disagreement, that is a real parasite on our political system.