Fox anchor: The separation of religion and education was “the beginning of us as parents losing our power”

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Citation From the August 10, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (ANCHOR): As you're talking, I'm thinking about it this way. The minute we let someone, them, they, decide that they were going to wash away faith in schools, that was the beginning of us as parents losing our power. I really do believe that because I think if they would look at this from the ground of, when the Lord gives you children or a child to take care of, right, that is your single job to provide for that life. And if we all looked at it that way and we were steeped in that conscience of, I only am really responsible for one and to one, I think things would be different, and that's as closest [to] prophesizing I'm ever going to get, but I do believe it.

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): That's true. That's an interesting kind of ground zero of certain things because that is a value within the American household. So, if you are at home and your parents are saying one thing and then it is contradicted by its absence at school with other authority figures, then suddenly there is a divide. Now what do we have? We've got teachers and school boards telling kids, your parents are the problem. Enough is enough of this. Americans have had it. That's another reason why parents are a threat. Because parents make this country run.

FAULKNER: We do. We have to figure out how to pay for all that high food this president has given us.

BRUCE: And our children go to war and our children sign up. Our children are first responders. Our children are doctors. That's the difference.