Fox anchor Harris Faulkner calls Biden “the world's only living heart donor”

Faulkner called Biden a “pathological narcissist” after his visit to address the Maui wildfires

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Citation From the August 28, 2023, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered 

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): I feel like he's retired now. It was an unexpected, inevitable retirement, and this is what unplanned retirement looks like: You quit before you're done with the job. And a big part of the job, I disagree with you, Douglas, I think it is empathy, I think it is because countries go to war, I think it is really incumbent upon a president to be able to say, “I feel your pain.”


FAULKNER: Absolute. Even Bill Clinton figured it out in the midst of everything politically that was going on. He was able to show in that moment who he was. Barack Obama sang at that beautiful church that was hit, and all those parishioners were killed, that were slaughtered, and he sang Amazing Grace. You saw George W. Bush and I mean to the best of — of the ability after 9/11, fighting for the cause of “I'm here with you.” I don't know that this man has that gear, and I said yesterday, a pathological narcissist.

MURRAY: Oh yeah.

FAULKNER: The world's only living heart donor. Those are the things that come to mind. But today I think it's more than that, as bad as that is, he's retired, he's done. And so the question for the left is is Kamala coming behind him? And the question tonight on that debate stage is for Republicans, if you vote for this guy, are you voting for Kamala Harris, and are you voting for that? If you're not, then you better fight more than each other. Ronna McDaniel is right about that.