Van Susteren laments Obama's inability to be in two places at once

Last April, during an appearance at the National Press Club, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch displayed his trademark cluelessness about Fox News by pointing to Greta Van Susteren as an example of someone on the network who is “certainly close to the Democratic Party.” As we noted, this was especially comical at the time, because Van Susteren was in the middle of turning her show into the official platform for Republicans trying to overturn the recently passed health care reform bill.

Today, Van Susteren showed her closeness to the Democratic Party by coming up with an almost unfathomably nitpicky reason to chide President Obama for being insufficiently “bipartisan.”

Van Susteren announced on her blog that she thinks yesterday may have represented “a missed opportunity for President Obama” because it would have been a “grand gesture” for Obama to appear at the groundbreaking for George W. Bush's presidential library. Of course, as Van Susteren herself noted, Obama was a bit busy yesterday awarding the Medal of Honor, and she agreed that it was “a very important day for the nation” and that he “had to be there.” (I guess he was supposed to be in two places at once?)

She also noted the obvious, which is that she has no idea if Bush actually invited Obama to the ceremony.

So, Van Susteren laments Obama's “missed opportunity” because he didn't attend an event that he may not have been invited to that took place while he was busy awarding the Medal of Honor.

Had Obama actually gone to the ceremony, he could have enjoyed the atmosphere of bipartisanship created by former Vice President Dick Cheney taking jabs at him.