Fox legal analyst defends Trump's Ukraine plot: “if we're going to call it bribery, then everybody's guilty”

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Citation From the November 18, 2019, edition of Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne

GREGG JARRETT (FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST): Well, it's silly. First of all, [Rep.] Adam Schiff's the one who created the witness intimidation by reading the tweet.

Defending yourself publicly in a tweet against false accusations is not witness intimidation, it's clearly defined in the law and this ain't it.

And “bribery,” by the way, is “quid pro quo.” So simply changing the name doesn't alter the equation that there's no evidence in the transcript of the telephone call, of a quid pro quo.

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Well, apparently, they did a focus group —


PAYNE And “bribery” resonated more than “quid pro quo.” And that's why the name was changed.

JARRETT: Yeah, of course. But you know, bribery is what members of Congress do every day, when they take all kinds of money from interest groups, and then in exchange for that end up voting in favor of those interest groups. So, I mean, if we're going to call it bribery, then everybody's guilty.