Newsmax's Greg Kelly says transgender people are “more of a threat” than white supremacists

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Citation From the March 28, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Now that may sound great, but when you're the president and there's legislation involved and federal policy -- he's in support of gender-neutral bathrooms at the elementary school level. And he also believes that strangers should be talking to children about sexuality and that parents should not be informed. That is, I believe, dangerous, Christine.

CHRISTINE REBSTOCK (GUEST): Oh, absolutely. And because it's brought into the school via social-emotional learning, you know, these young kids, they don't know what they want to be the next day. They're going to be confused, they're going to be gender confused. They're going to think that being trans is cool or a fad. It's not. Living with gender dysphoria is absolutely brutal. I'm one of the 40 percent of the trans community that attempted suicide, but yet we're gonna lead kids down the path that this is great. The problem is some states, like Connecticut -- we have statutes that allow mental health professionals to treat kids without parental knowledge and consent. And this is how these kids are getting on life altering medication.

KELLY: Well, right now --

REBSTOCK: You know, puberty blockers are not reversible, let alone HRT.

KELLY: It's permanent. It's permanent. Looking at the data, looking at recent history, it would seem that transgender is, potentially, more of a threat if applied recklessly than, say, white supremacy. Okay? We have actual documented episodes where we don't have them from white supremacists over the past recent history. Look, let me ask you this - what's the motivation here? I mean, for years -- I don't want to -- stepping apart from Nashville. Why the emphasis all of the sudden on transgenderism? I mean, it's always been there in the seventies, at least, in the eighties, and it was a thing and it was for certain individuals. Now, it's an obsession. What happened? Why is that?

REBSTOCK: Exploded when Biden -- when you played the Biden clip, he said the same thing right after he took office, right after he declared war on our energy independence. This emboldened transgender -- the radical activists. This emboldened the teachers unions, through the Department of Education, to get this in our school.