Newsmax's Greg Kelly says “transgender individuals armed with guns” are “the real threat to our democracy, to our way of life”

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Citation From the April 6, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): What are they talking about? What are they complaining about? Again, guns in America. Hey, good luck with that because how many guns in America are there, oh, by the way? Yeah, 415 Million firearms, okay? They're going to last us a couple of 1000 years even if you stopped every gun from ever being manufactured, this is not the answer. But they prefer this. Number one -- maybe they think they can win, but they don't want to talk about this right now, in this context, what I call our monster picture. This, to them, is a civil rights issue. This is a civil rights issue. And when a transgender mass shooter opens fire on children, well, that jeopardizes their agenda, doesn't it? Because for some perverse reason, they think this is wholesome. By the way, the real threat to democracy, to our way of life -- I'm sorry, just might be transgender individuals armed with guns. It's happening all over the place.