Newsmax's Greg Kelly says “I think it's against the law” for Jack Smith to be special counsel

Kelly: “His wife makes movies with Michelle Obama”

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Citation From the August 2, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Smith, the prosecutor, he should not be the prosecutor at all. At all. I think it's against the law for a guy like this to be this special counsel. His wife – he's married and it's great. He's married. Happy marriage. Great, I'm sure they – you know, that's fine. But his wife makes movies with Michelle Obama. Yeah, Becoming – one of the worst documentaries ever made, by the way. She was a producer on. She, the wife of Jack Smith also gave money to Obama. Hey, you can do that. But you can't be the special prosecutor if your wife is because it says right in the regulations about special counsel what you have to be. According to their own guidelines, an individual named a special counsel shall be a lawyer with a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making. This stuff renders him not impartial. Period, right? I think so. I think so.